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Sheryl Pinto is an actress who primarily appears in Tamil cinema. She made her debut in Vijayakanth's Arasangam, before featuring in other films including Vaadaa and Machan.
Her best acting performance was seen in ArasangamLara, Satyameva Jeyathe, Engal Aasan, VaadaaAnjali, Machan and Kalloori Desam. 

Actress Sheryl Pinto in Yellow Saree

South Indian Cinema Actress Sheryl Pinto HQ Movie Stills in Yellow Saree and Open Blouse. Actress Sheryl Pinto HQ photos, images, pics, pictures, photoshoot, news and wallpapers Gallery.

Sheryl Pinto is an Indian actress who is double MA in animal husbandry 

Sheryl Pinto is an Indian actress who is double MA in animal husbandry 

Sheryl Pinto is an Indian actress who is double MA in animal husbandry 
Sheryl Pinto is an Indian actress who is double MA in animal husbandry 

Sheryl Pinto is an Indian actress who is double MA in animal husbandry 
Sheryl Pinto is an Indian actress who is double MA in animal husbandry 
Sheryl Pinto is an Indian actress who is double MA in animal husbandry 
Sheryl Pinto is an Indian actress who is double MA in animal husbandry 
Sheryl Pinto is an Indian actress who is double MA in animal husbandry 

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Bollywood's fit and fabulous Kareena Kapoor is on her way to turn 35, and she's clear about not attempting to be 22! She feels the key to ageing gracefully lies in letting the "lines" be, especially when it comes to men.
Don't do bronzer
While the awards season hangover is still in effect, you don't need to trip the light fantastic up the conference room carpet. Lay off the bronzer and only channel your inner Kardashian on your annual seaside vacation.
Do a subtle flush with a cheek stain
To get a healthy, pink glow, use a natural cheek stain or cream blush on the apples of your cheeks. Blend until disappears into your skin.
Don’t go the shimmer way
In the harsh office light, shimmer powders will not light your complexion up, but will take you over to the dark side with a ghoulish pallor.
Do use a radiance-enhancing product
A brightening serum under your foundation or a cc cream should give you a work-appropriate glow.
Don't do glitter
Glitter is great when you're out on the town with your besties. But there's no room for giggly girls around the water cooler, and last night's residue will make you lose your office sparkle.
Do go for matte textures
Go all matte—for your blush, eyeshadow and lipstick at work. The chances of spillage are less, and spills if any, can be mopped up without leaving skid marks. Layer a lip balm under a matt lipstick to keep your lips hydrated.

Dont wear fake lashes
Reserve the falsies for the dance floor. The last thing you want is to bat your lashes at the office hottie with a goop of eyelash glue in your eye or have an individual lash land in your morning chai.
Do use a lengthening mascara
To achieve the awake-at-8am effect, try lengthening mascara. Wiggle the wand at the base of your lashes and comb upwards, separating as you go, to avoid ugly clumps. This works well for girls with glasses.
Don't do a smokey
Leave the dark eyes for after-dark activities. The last thing you want is your boss thinking you hot-footed a walk of shame to your cubicle.
Do choose a light eye shadow
Light nudey colours like taupe, caramel and champagne with an iridescent finish is perfect for office. Softly blend it into your upper lid so no harsh lines remain—make sure to fan away any lingering deposits. P.S. Don't forget to conceal those dark circles, nothing makes you look more tired.
Don't do an elaborate cat-eye
Reserve your liner skills for weddings, night outs and festivities. Bleeding kohl may show off your affinity to save the pandas but it won't save your job.
Do tightlining
Tightlining, while not the easiest technique, gives you a polished look and subtly defines the eyes. Lift your eye and use a waxy crayon along the inside of your upper lash line. If your eye waters, press an ear bud into the inner corner of your eye.

Don't use a frosted lip colour
Frosty bubble-gum pink belongs on Barbie, and unless you are an impersonator, it has absolutely no place in your office arsenal.
Do make friends with nudes and neutrals
A rosy-nude lip colour is perfect to perk up your face for a 9am meeting. Look for one with a creamy, velvety-matte texture to keep your lips hydrated from 9 to 5.

Don't do a messy do
Yes, the shag is the IT cut this season, but Jane Fonda and Joan Jett should not be your work alter egos. Messy, textured hair looks…well, messy and you will lose points with your supervisor for appearance.
Do keep it sleek with a pony
A pulled-back pony isn't just for school. Go with a glossy, smoothening serum or flat iron for poker-straight strands. To take it up a notch, wrap a thick strand around your hair tie and fasten under the tail.
Don’t paint a rainbow
Katy did it, so did Kendall. But unless your job has you preening for a camera or stage diving, rainbow or ombré hair will not be met with much favour around the office.
Do go global
If you're going grey at your roots, cover up with a global hair colour. Go with shades that are similar to your natural hair colour and add highlights and low lights for depth.

Don't do nail art
You're an artist, a painter and a dreamer…on the weekends, that is. Nail art at the office, especially on claw nails, isn't going to paint a picture of serious professionalism.
Do a classic French manicure
Stick to nudes, light pastels or the classic French mani. Before you say "Boooring", these looks score high on the neat meter and you can totally be on trend, with the half-moon or negative space mani. Just stick to the same shade family.
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Sari or saree is a strip of unstitched cloth which worns by women, ranging from four to nine yards in length that is draped over the body in various styles which is native to the Indian Subcontinent.It is popular in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Burma, Malaysia, and Singapore. The most common style is for the sari to be wrapped around the waist, with one end then draped over the shoulder, baring the midriff.
Modern Indian Women Wears and Sari Which is Known Saree
The sari is usually worn over a petticoat with a blouse known as a choli or ravika forming the upper garment. The blouse has short sleeves and a low neck and is usually cropped at the midriff, and as such is particularly well-suited for wear in the sultry South Asian summers. The sari developed as a garment of its own in both South and North India at around the same time, and is in popular culture an epitome of Indian culture. The sari signified the grace of Indian women adequately displaying the curves at the right places.There are more than 80 recorded ways to wear a sari.
Modern Indian Women Wears and Sari Which is Known Saree

Modern Style runway sari:-

It’s always a buzz to see the different styles of sarees on the runway. Will the trend be embellished, print, net, silk, shimmery or metallic sarees, appliqué, sequin work?
Modern Indian Women Wears and Sari Which is Known Saree
At Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week 2013 the saree trends showed that rich colour block with prints would be more in vogue. There were a few soft coloured sarees but albeit a very few.Check out the sarees and see if any grab your attention
Modern Indian Women Wears and Sari Which is Known Saree

Disadvantage of Sari:-

George Polk Award winner columnist Rangaswamy Satakopan wrote the following as the problems of the sari in an article for Associated Press such as In winter, it has no protection against cold, In the rains, it collects mud and filth at the hem and It is not suitable to wear during sports.

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Mai Nishida was born on 23th March 1989 in Kizu, Kyoto, Japan.Her father was a Japanese Army Officer and mother was beautician cum model.She has started her schooling in home town and later she was shifted to Tokyo central military school.After her school graduation has got admitted in Tokyo university but can not completed her education due to work pressure but she has learned acting and martial arts from Tao Nakasa.She has two siblings and both are younger brothers.Mai Nishida's height 5'2'', weight 49 kg and vital status 33 X 24 X 35.
Mai Nishida has started her carrier at the age of 12 in Tokyo Central Military school as kid model.
Mai Nishida has come to lime light through her debut Album Nippon doll in 2006.After her debut she has never seen back for her carrier .
Mai Nishida has worked with various famous directors and actors as well as Japanese and International too.Such as it remembered a few names as Hotoshi,James Cameroon ,Stiil Halbrouque Mahesh Butt,Puja Butt,Anowar Ibrahim etc.
Mai Nishida has done a lots of films such as Nippon doll,Kuruwasa,Lalmati kendowa,Bukisa dilli,Nazar maine tu,Elephant Erra, and many more.
Mai Nishida has appeared almost all national magazines cover pages as well as major International magazines cover pages too.Such as Elle Elle,Baazar,Filmfare,Cinebitz etc.
Mai Nishida has appeared in major ramp shows in Japan ,London,Milan,Mumbai,and New York city.She has already established her as a super model.
Mai Nishida has also entered the Genre Gravure modeling field and her major works are General content model, swimsuit,masko swim suits, lingerie hi fi ,modern tattoo world etc.
Mai Nishida has worked with Bollywood , the world's biggest & largest entertainment industry as she was invited by the Bollywood veteran director cum producer Mahesh butt and his daughter Puja butt.Her works was highly praised by the Indian cine critics.
Mai Nishida is very simple and natural beauty who loves only works as she has said to our representative when it was asked about her future plan she added that she will start a production company.She has won sevaral nation and international awards such as FHM awards,Debut Beauty actress award,Nippon entertainment award etc.
Mai Nishida's private life data such as boyfriend,living together,night life,vacation partner,dating partner,holiday beach,hallmark skill etc are not permitted to publish here at his moment.But we promise to our reader that when it will got the permission surely the post will be updated.
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For decades, the most beautiful Asian models were invisible, ignored by fashion in favour of other ethnicities. Now things are changing for these women. By Ben Arogundade, author of the book Black Beauty.

MANY FASHION FANS PRESUME that the first non-white beauty to break into mainstream fashion was African American. The truth is, she was actually a beautiful East Asian woman namedChina Machado. Discovered by photographer Richard Avedon in at a New York runway show in 1958, he made history by pressing for his images of the Shanghai-born beauty to be included in the pages of fashion magazine Harper's Bazaar. It was the first time they had ever featured a non-white model.

THE FIRST EAST ASIAN BEAUTY: Chinese-born model China Machado was the first non-white beauty to crossover into mainstream fashion, courtesy of photographer Richard Avedon, who took this shot for Harper's Bazaar in 1958.

Although there was rejoicing amongst Asian women that one of their own had suddenly been brought into the fold, there was resistance to this bold new diversity from within fashion. Robert F. MacLeod, the magazine’s publisher at the time, told Avedon, “Listen, we can’t publish these pictures [of Machado]. The girl is not white.”

Today, the beauty landscape is very different, with a plethora of East Asian models such as Sui He, Fei Fei Sun and star of The Wolverine film Tao Okamoto holding their own amongst the most beautiful white and black women in the cat fight for work. Chinese beauty Liu Wen is currently ranked at number five in'sworld listing, standing out as the first Asian face of Estée Lauder, and with multiple Vogue China covers and campaigns for clients from Calvin Klein to Lane Crawford.

It is a far cry from the racism experienced by China Machado just half a century earlier, and although the inclusion of the most beautiful Asian women models within fashion is partially driven by China's rise as an economic superpower, nevertheless, these new girls look here to stay.

The biographies of many of the new generation of East Asian models and actresses are available above, written by Ben Arogundade, author of the best-selling book Black Beauty.
THE STORY OF HOW Tao Okamoto found modelling is a classic. “When I was in junior high I was walking down the street and this guy just came to me,” she recounted to “Then I thought like, oh, maybe I can do something to use my height and looks.”

No doubt Most Beautiful  Asian model is Japanese Model Tao Okamoto - 'Wolverine'

Born on May 22, 1987 in Tokyo, Japan, Okamoto, plucked off the street like countless other beauties before her, sought the approval of her parents before she took the plunge. They advised her to get herself a good agent, and so she sent some pictures of herself to a local model agency. After being taken on, Tao worked in Japan for five years before moving to France in 2006, where she made her debut on the Paris runways for Ungaro and Martin Grant.

But it was when she moved to New York in 2007 that Okamoto rapidly became a designer’s favourite, initially doing runway for Marc Jacobs, plus a Moschino ad campaign shot by Peter Lindbergh. The distinctive feature that catalysed her success was her hair — a beautiful Vidal Sassoon-style black bowl-cut bob, last seen on Sixties supermodel Peggy Moffitt. It led to her being cast in dozens of shows, most notably that of designer Phillip Lim, who liked her cut so much that he decided that all the girls in his fall 2009 show should sport the same hairdo. “It was amazing,” remembers Okamoto. “I thought he was joking when he first told me.”
From there Tao has gone from strength to strength, working for designers such as Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, Armani, D&G, Tommy Hilfiger, Kenzo, Kenneth Cole, Gap and Benetton. In 2009 the Japanese native became the face of Ralph Lauren, and in November of that year VogueJapan dedicated a whole issue to her.


Currently ranked at number 30 in's hot girls, Okamoto recently branched out into film, reaching the Hollywood heights as the character Mariko Yashida, Hugh Jackman’s love interest, inThe Wolverine, in which our hero travels to Japan to train with a samurai warrior.
Okamoto, who remains cagey about who she is currently dating, confessed that when she was younger she once had an English boyfriend while studying as an exchange student, who was less than comfortable with her interest in Jackman. “He was very jealous that I liked Hugh Jackman so much,” she recalled.


Like many other stars of modelling and movies, Okamoto’s success is not simply down to talent, but also timing. As the East Asian nations grow in economic power, producing a constant stream of wealthy new customers in its wake, the entertainment industry has responded in reflecting the aesthetic of these new entrants. It is the beginning of a trend that looks set to intensify.

FROM FASHION TO FILM: Japanese beauty Tao Okamoto is one of the new crop of Asian girls currently making waves in fashion. The Asian model ranks at no. 30 in's list of top supermodels and is a regular in the pages of the Asian editions of Vogue. She stars opposite Hugh Jackman in Wolverine, the movie.
EVER SINCE SHANGHAI-BORN beauty China Machado exploded onto the scene as fashion's first non-white supermodel back in 1959, Chinese models have struggled to break into the industry. Hampered both by racism and the traditions of their own culture which frowned upon modelling as a profession, Chinese models were neither seen nor heard within fashion magazines or advertising campaigns.


Now the picture is very different, and most recently the speed of change has been nothing short of remarkable. The last five years has seen a plethora of beautiful young Chinese women break into mainstream fashion, led by Liu Wen, the 25-year-old model from Yongzhou, Hunan, who has chalked up campaigns for Calvin Klein, Dolce and Gabbana, Oscar de la Renta, Estée Lauder and many others, ever since she arrived on the international fashion scene in 2007. The growing power of these young Chinese women within the industry is marked by Forbes 2013 list of the world's highest-earning supermodels, which placed Wen at number five, with $4.3 million — ahead of supermodels Joan Smalls, Carolyn Murphy and Lara Stone.


So, why are Chinese fashion models suddenly so popular? The answer is about economics, as opposed to some liberal desire for equality within the fashion industry. The fact is, China's burgeoning economy that has made them power players within the luxury goods market, and consequently, mainstream fashion has been forced to reflect the faces of these wealthy new customers within their advertising campaigns.

For the girls themselves, it's all good news, and now Google's stats are tracking just how popular Chinese women models are around the globe. Our top 10 list ranks the most beautiful according to the number of Internet users who type their names into their search engine every month. By now, you can guess who's number one, but there are nine other Chinese beauties who are hot on her heels.

CHINESE FASHION MODELS IN BLOSSOM: The world's top 10 Chinese fashion models, according to Google search, reveals the extent to which these ambitous and beautiful young women have quickly assimilated into the mainstream, after being non-existant in fashion less than 60 years ago.

IT WAS 1956 WHEN China Machado, an unknown young model from Shanghai, became the first non-white beauty to break through fashion’s apartheid system when she began working as a fitting model at the House of Givenchy in Paris. By 1959 she was famous: discovered in New York by fashion photographer Richard Avedon, who photographed her for the February edition of Harper’s Bazaar. It was the first time an East Asian model had ever featured in a mainstream fashion magazine. THE FACE OF ASIAN BEAUTY: The world's top 10 East Asian fashion models, according to Google search, consists of eight famous Chinese supermodels, one from Japan and one from Taiwan/Canada. The top 10 Asian supermodels list is also made up of two male and eight female models. Guess who's no.1? 

Updated List of Top 10 Asian Fashion Models who are ruling West 


Now, over half a century later, famous Asian supermodels are enjoying their best time ever, as the fashion industry increasingly looks toward Asia for its financial future, and the burgeoning economy that has made them power players within the luxury goods market. Mainstream fashion has now been forced to reflect the faces of these wealthy new Asian customers within their advertising campaigns, particularly the Chinese. The size of the country's fashion industry is predicted to triple in size, to £128 billion, by 2020.

The last five years has seen an explosion of East Asian supermodels within high fashion. For the first time ever, industry website lists eight Asian girls amongst the top 50 models in the world (16 per cent of the total). They now work side-by-side with their white, and black counterparts across fashions major campaigns.


In 2011 famous Chinese beauty Liu Wen —’s highest placed Asian supermodel at number three — became the face of Estée Lauder. In 2013 Wen — the daughter of a construction worker — featured at number five in Forbes list of the world's highest-earning supermodels — the first time an Asian model has ever featured. Alongside this, Taiwanese male model Godfrey Gau secured a campaign for Louis Vuitton, while, Sui He — (number 13) — the first Asian supermodel ever to open a runway show for Ralph Lauren — fronted campaigns for H&M, Karl Lagerfeld and Shiseido. Simultaneously, Japanese supermodel Tao Okamoto, at number 37 in the rankings, has recently enjoyed a big popularity boost following her role in the movie Wolverine, with Hugh Jackman.
The Asian fashion market now has its own editions of Vogue, and with it, Chinese and Japanese-focused fashion photography and images of famous Asian supermodels has created a new visual universe which runs in parallel to the European fashion scene.


Ever since the 1960s it has been black supermodels that have enjoyed the status as fashions ascendant ethnic minority group, but now this is shifting. Compared to the eight Asian girls featured in’s top listing, there are only four black models in its top 50, although Puerto Rican-born beauty Joan Smalls is ranked number one. One of the fashion industry’s most contentious issues for the coming era will focus around which non-white models will secure what work, from what is a strictly limited pool, now that Asian, black and also South Indian fashion models are all competing against each other within the new multi-ethnic beauty landscape.


The rise of the Asian supermodel within this new arena is well illustrated by the fact that there are now enough famous ones to compile a list of the top 10 Asian girls. While ranks its girls according to the number of campaigns they do, and the money they earn, I have compiled a unique listing which ranks the top 10 Asian models according to their global popularity via Google searches. My world top 10 is a diverse list that includes both male and female supermodels, plus all the top names, including Liu Wen, Sui He and Tao Okamoto. Check out who takes the number one slot — you may be surprised.

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We are here going to discuss some of our natural view points based on valued cultures and traditions.Before brief description i have to say two ever green lines for fashion and beauty related personnel [guy or girls both].
“Beauty. We all are it. Its just that my beauty, your beauty, his beauty, her beauty, they’re all different.”Again
"Beauty is not in the face, but rather a light in the heart that shines through and until you yourself don’t believe that to be true, others will not be able to notice something in you that you don’t even know it exists, something you don’t even know you have." Author:Asian Models Faces. 
Something you don’t even know you are. Beauty for me comes from within, and those people who possess that are capable of radiating their inner beauty outward. These people vibrate at a different frequency and if you pay closer attention to what happens around you, you will notice it also. If you make the inside beautiful, the outside will be beautiful, but if you harbor pain, hate, anger inside you, don’t expect the outside not to be affected by that. I do believe in inner beauty.
I have personally seen people who went from beauty to ugliness because they became so hateful, so bitter, jealous and resentful toward those around them. I call it the loss of innocence. These people change their pure and innocent mind and heart,with a polluted mind and a cold heart.
For example, there is this person whom I met a few years ago. She had a sweet face, nice hair, and a beautiful smile, and now, today, I can tell you that she looks like a totally different person. We don’t interact that much now, I would say once a week, and every time I see her, I am amazed of how much she has changed. She is constantly looking for ways to blame others, she is always so loud and mean with those around her, and she loves to criticize. A lot! I always say that the way you look on the outside says a lot about your insides, and in her case I would have to say that, because of her constant need to put others down, because of her need to compare herself with others, because of her lack of self-confidence and self-esteem, her outer beauty is fading.
You should see the look on her face whenever people start paying her attention. She needs that, she needs other people’s approval and attention in order to feel good about herself, in order for her to feel validated. That is the problem with those who don’t really know who they are, who don’t know their real value and who need others to tell them just that. They don’t know that they are great, that they are beautiful, worthy, smart, intelligent and with great potential.
They don’t know that, and that’s exactly why they need other people to tell them wonderful things to feel good about themselves, that’s exactly why they need only expensive clothes, expensive cars, expensive everything to raise they value. Don’t get me wrong, I have expensive things also, but not because they make me feel more of a person but because I appreciate beauty. I don’t buy things based on their price but rather on their beauty, and I don’t go around telling everybody how much I have paid for this or that. Yes, there are people who give you this information without you even asking. That’s what I call a cry for help.
Try to watch those around you, observe them, observe their random acts of kindness and the way they talk with and about others, observe those people who are gossiping all the time, blaming and condemning, judging everybody around them and tell me if you don’t see the difference.

Another thing you can do is to try noticing those people who, even though they aren’t really that “beautiful”, they have something that makes you like them. They have something that makes you want to be around them and spend as much time with them as possible. I call this inner beauty, and I see these people as having a pure and clean heart, while on the other hand, there are those people who, even though they have really beautiful features, beautiful skin, hair, eyes, etc. , because of the hate that they have toward others, because of their jealousy, their envy and because of their constant need to compare themselves with others, their beauty is fading, their beauty is being transformed into something not really pleasant to the eye. Who wants to be around people like that? Who wants to be around people who lack self-esteem, who complain a lot, who judge and criticize all the time?
These people suck the energy out of you and they aren’t a great company for anyone. People want to be around beautiful, loving, caring, joyful and positive people, not around hateful and resentful people, and you will see how, the moment you change the inside, the moment you make it beautiful, the outside will also become beautiful.Of course not to forget that if you possess both external and internal beauty, feel blessed .Just try your own mind concentration.
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