Saturday, June 19, 2010

Have you ever wanted to be a model ? Well, I am sure you have, at some point of time or the other. But it is very hard to find good modelling agencies in Inida. Let me help you in your search for the best modelling agency in Delhi, Mumbai,Kolkata,Chennai and major cities in India.
First let us understand what is the job of a modelling agency (also spelled modeling agency) and also referred as model coordinators in India. Modelling agencies (or modeling agencies) are little different than their counter parts in other countries. In India, modelling agency basically helps models to get their portfolio done through a top fashion photographer or portfolio photographer and then help the models to get modelling work.
The major difference in working of modelling agencies in India is that they usually do not have an exclusive contract with models. So, the models in India are basically freelancers. There are ofcourse exceptions to it like Elite Modelling agency and few others. They have models under contract to work through them exclusively.
 Shazida Khatun's Institute of Asian Models Faces offers you the opportunity to get that from any parts of India. 
 It is heard that South Indian Top Actress & Model Namitha Kapoor will be the one of visiting faculty of that Camp / Institute as said the sources of IAMF.
The IAMF sources said that any one can do this through Institute Of Asian Models Faces for better solution completely free.
Namitha Kapoor has not confirmed it yet now but she has not denied it yet as she will be IAMF frre modeling camp faculty.


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