Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bollywood is an industry of song, dance, drama, and fashion! With the heat in Mumbai it came as no surprise that the fashion trend was moving towards a more fitted bikini-sari blouse look. As designers including Manish Malhotra adjusted their lines accordingly, Bollywood babes were quick to follow. Check out these pictures of some of B'town's fashionable babes and their saris!
Priyanka Chopra is a beauty! When she headed out in this Manish Malhotra sari, everyone's heads turned. The cream sari is adorned with pink flowers. The sari is loosely tied showing off Priyanka's amazing figure and sexy blouse! With understated accessories, the look is stunning. Is Priyanka's daring sari the sexiest of the all?

When we think of someone sexy, Shilpa Shetty comes to mind! As Shilpa ages she does it with such grace! Looking absolutely stunning, Shilpa carries this gold sari off without any hesitation. The look may have gaudy on some, but amazing on Shilpa. For this sari, Shilpa dons a gathered sari blouse in a sexy silhouette. Is Shilpa's sari the best?

Kareena Kapoor is always out on the town in her easy jeans and tees. For a more formal event, Kareena traded in her jeans for this bright sari! The sari is complimented with a border and embroidery which Kareena accents with her accessories. For Kareena's blouse, there may seem to be more fabric than others, but the style still reflects the bikini trend. Is Kareena more conservative look the best?

Sushmita Sen is a more mature actress in Bollywood. Her tall stature stunning looks mesmerize all. For one of Sush's runway walks, she modeled this fuchsia sari. The floral embroidery adds tons of personality and is fit for the spring. In true style, Sushmita's sari is paired with a sexy bikini blouse bringing all focus to Sush's eyes! Does Sushmita Sen rock this style the best?

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is always seen as an actress with poise and taste. For this look, Ash wears a sheer white sari which compliments her porcelain skin. Her simple white blouse is cut in the bikini fashion making the look hot! Add some silver embroidery and dazzling earrings and Aishwarya is all style! Is her sari your favorite?
All things Desi may be the hot new trend in the Western world, but in India it seems that the Indians are adding a few Western influences to the culture. This has been seen recently in parts of the language, movies and now seems to be moving into the fashion world. Designers have begun to take trends from Western fashion and incorporate them into their more ‘traditional’ styles.


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