Monday, August 2, 2010

Two sexy models have been finalized

to promote the upcoming Miss Bikini India contest.

The two belles are Natasha Sikka from Mumbai and

Zeenal Kamdar from Pune.

Both of them are regular models and aspiring actresses.

Chosen after a strict selection procedure, the two girls

will now go on a national tour to promote Ms Bikini India

pageant.As the promoters of the event, Zeenal and Natasha

will tour main cities and perform at several venues to

raise awareness about the contest. They will also visit college

campuses and universities to hunt for young talent.Zeenal

says she has no inhibitions in wearing a bikini as some of the

top Bollywood actresses have also done so. Zeenal also insists

that Miss Bikini India is "not a voyeuristic event" but is rather

a pageant for talent search.Personally, Zeenal sees it as a good

opportunity and a stepping-stone to greater success.Mumbai

girl Natasha also thinks she is lucky to be selected."Some of the

best bods in the country have signed up for the contest and I

think I must have been very lucky to be chosen for the tour,

" Natasha is quoted as saying.Apparently, the two girls will also

do dance performances during the tour. Natasha says some of

these dances will be sizzling hot.On another front, Bollywood

actress Neetu Chandra has been roped in to do a racy sequence

at the Ms Bikini India contest, which is slated to be held in Goa

in December.

Niksan Info Media Pvt Ltd will be conducting the event.

Latest result of Ms bikni India International-2010

Mumbai-based model Sneha Chopra has been selected as

the face of the Ms Bikini India International 2010 Reality

Show and Pageant.The 21-year-old was selected from a

short-list of about 150 candidates. She will host the show

associated with the Ms Bikini India International pageant

which will have 20 semi-finalists locked up for 45 days in

a resort on a deserted island.According to sources, about

1500 candidates auditioned for the position.Ms Bikini India

International, Ms Bikini International and Ms Bikini Online. The winners

will also be given roles in big banner Bollywood films and will judge

Reality Shows on Indian television.The winner of the main event – the

Ms Bikini India International will take home a cool Rs one crore, a

release from the Group said. Mumbai-based model Sneha Chopra has been

announced as the face of the contests.


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