Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sikha Puri is one of the hottest actress of bollywood .She has come limelight with the upcoming movie three king based
on bollywood evergreen hot PARBIN BABY
Shikha Puri Latest Cle and Thigh Show | Hot Gallery of Shikha Puri Latest Cle and Thigh Show .

BIOGRAPHY:Shikha was earlier a make up artiste and has done up faces of many stars while on their sojourns to the United States of America.The actress has been trained in make up as well as acting in leading Hollywood institutes in Los Angeles.about Actress Shikha Puri, Actress Shikha Puri, Actress Shikha Puri bio, Actress Shikha Puri biography, Actress Shikha Puri in reality show, Actress Shikha Puri wiki, dog movie review, international film festivals, Kiran Motion Pictures, Los Angeles Hollywood institute, Sarkar Ki Duniya, shikha filmography, Shikha gallery, Shikha hot photos, Shikha hot videos, Shikha images, shikha in Hollywood institute, Shikha in dog, Shikha photos, Shikha pics, Shikha pictures, shikha puri topless, shikha puri topless photos, topless scene of shikha puri

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