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Fashion Models are rare breed individuals……. they are the genetically altered creations who possesed extraordinary genes technically than the rest of us.They have these almost perfect bone structures,flawless skins,towering heights and not-so- easy- to- get- fat- bodies.Their abnormalities compared to the normal is a big question to die for.But there is more to it than just meets the eye….Fashion Models struggled and worked hard not only to mentain their looks but to earnmark every goal they dreamed of.Modeling is not just about glamour, style and money….its an artform.Models preparation before any runway show is a state of suffering.They toned their bodies to its highest level leaving the sins on a standstill.I mean of course their abstain attitude to food, drinks, nightlife etc…..etc.

While they performed those strenuous task, they are also focusing on their mindsets…..emotionally relax and feel good and beautiful attitude.Their sacrifices earned them fame, fortune and glory…

Lots of Filipino Fashion models reached international status,though being a good model doesn’t necessarily gauged by that….a good model is a joy to watch…period!


first asian supermodel

1. ANNA BAYLE : World’s First Asian Supermodel

Anna Bayle’s accomplishment as a model is a gift to Philippine fashion.

Muse to famous designers like Thierry Mugler, Christian Lacroix, Yves Saint Laurent, Jean Louis Scherrer, Ungaro, Raniero Gattinoni, Issey Miyake, Valentino among others, Bayle’s presence alone was a firework and a heat.

A role model not only to aspiring asian models, Bayle is legendary and a truly professional fashion icon. She had what it took to be a mannequin-understanding the designer’s inspirations and gave full life to their creations.

Famous for her “Anna Bayle” walk which was copied, she literally put glamour and prestige to any designer’s collection. Photographers went wild and shouted her name as she appeared on runways begging for her best pause,correct angle or maybe just a naughty stare or smile.

Her reality show “The next Anna Bayle”was geared for asian models trying their luck for international fashion arena.Maybe there will be girls with perfect bone structures, chameleon faces,or having the looks…. but there will be only one Anna Bayle…the total artist, the diva,………the gift.

2. TETTA AGUSTIN: Yves Saint Laurent’s Favorite

Tetta Agustin’s way to the top was an easy one, gifted with perfect bodyform, chiseled profile and the right cheek bone, she was the “LOOK”, the Audrey Hepburn…the cat on the catwalk.

She was the first Filipina model to hit international fashion circuit and second to Hiroko-the Japanese model, as the First Asian Model to hit world recognition. Bubbly and ebullient, her vivaciousness made the “MAESTRO OF HIGH FASHION” Monsieur Saint Laurent craved for her presence at LA Maison du YSL.

A favorite cabine girl of the designer, not only made the “mademoiselle” his top cloth hanger, but also an assurance, that every work of art,every haute couture dress from la maison she wore were considered sold-out.

But then who could ever forget that before she was with YSL, Agustin was already a frontrunner to an artist so esteemed and iconic…another Maestro, HUBERT DE GIVENCHY. With these two top fashion designers in the planet..who could asked for more!!! wasn’t she??!!…..The luck and the look she got made her a truly diva and a respected” signora “in Philippine Fashion.


3. BESSIE BADILLA : Queen of the Ramp

Bessie Badilla was born to be a fashion model. Badilla doesn’t need anything to look like one. She got it all..the X factor, the shoulderline ,the aura,the stunningly long legs and the sketchpad figure-the every designer’s girl when they start drawing their creation.A perfect size 38 by european standard figure, Badilla’s entry to Paris Fashion Week or Milan, London, New York,Russia and Asia was unsurprising indeed.

Bessie Badilla was the creme’ de la creme’ among the maniquin du cabin in the famous House of Balenciaga. A Spanish born french designer famous for his fashion innovations and architectural techniques, he was a dream to every model to work with…the feel, the essence of the couturier’s sumptuously elegant dresses and was like dizzizzit!!!!!

Badilla’s international list of work was the best among the crops:Valentino, Christian Dior, YSL, Giorgio Armani, Hanae Mori and Gianni Versace.

Bessie Badilla’s psche and down-to-earth humility adds to the totalness of a warm persona she got…..a Queen not only in Rio and the ramp but also to her fashion admirers and watchers.


4. MELANIE MARQUEZ: Beauty Queen slash Movie Actress slash Supermodel

Melanie Marquez stood above the rest either on the ramp or in a pageant. Her strikingly impressive height was a plus factor to runways and beauty contests. Marquez’s Asian Malay feautures spiced up the endless search of asian models pedigree-perfectly toned skin,glossy black hair, exotic and mysterious round clear eyes.

Winning the Miss International launched her career and jumpstarted her ambitions to go international.
Melanie Marquez landed first runner-up and the first filipina to win in the World Supermodel Search, and eventually worked as a ramp model in the United States and Europe with her photos gracing fashion and style magazines.
Melanie Marquez always surprises the audience when ever she appears on the ramp.She is in total control…as if everything around her had either disappeared or worked for her advantage.She’s a butterfly in one instance flipping magical wings,or a chameleon bursting in colorful frenzy….giving the designer’s utmost satisfaction where the creator and the wearer fused triumphantly in that very moment.

There are lots of Melanie Marquez moments……… on the runways and even backstage, her exuberance and regal justification to every detail on the wardrobe she wore was something very Melanie…..distinctively Melanie…..uniquely Melanie!!!

5. PING FEDERIS : A Model With Lots of Spunk

In fashionworld where everything has become cliche’ and everybody fight to fit in, Ping Federis embodied sheer individuality and enormous guts. Federis can transform herself in front of the camera or on the ramp,whatever the mood she projects.. capturing audience and photographers attention. She graced local and international fashion magazines with her flawless tanned skin and Chino-Hispanic Features – an image of Brown Chic’

Voted ” Model of the Year” during the golden years in Philippine Fashion, Hyatt’s La Concha was the launching pad of her career. A successful ramp model, she worked for an international modeling agency based in Singapore and work there and neighboring asian countries.

Her modelling career would surely took off on her supposed European stint which she accepted and prepared,but was cut short due to undisclosed circumstances..nevertheless Ping Federis contribution left an endilible mark in Philippine Fashion.

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