Friday, September 17, 2010

Myriam Fares Was born on 3rd May 1983 in Kfar Shlel ,Lebanon.Her parents are very strong lovers of arts so they encouraged her to grow in this field.She took ballet lessons from age five, and at age nine earned first place on Tele-Liban (Al Mawahib Al Saghira) in Oriental dance.Myriam was incited by her impressed teachers to participate in the schools' events which were a motive to improve her dancing, singing and acting abilities as a brilliant student in arts.
Myriam Fares felt the need to express her feelings through her voice that springs from deep inside her, so she registered at the National Conservatory of Music and studied musicology for four years.At the age of sixteen Myriam participated at the Lebanese Song Festival where she won the first prize for the public Lebanese song nomination. At seventeen she participated in Studio El Fan 2000 for the District of South Lebanon and earned the first prize, not to mention the Special Certificate from Dr. Walid Gholmieh for the three Districts of South Lebanon, Beirut, and Mount Lebanon.Myriam is seen as a one of a kind artist in the Middle East. Her show includes a rich repertoire of classic and modern songs, a remarkable voice and the capacity to move and dance on stage, giving one of the most dynamic performances.
Myriam Fares was becoming a celebrity more and more and was elected as "the best young female singer" in the Arab World. She also won the prize for the best video clip during her visit to Egypt. Her beautiful voice, nice and elegant look, flexible motion and magnificent dancing made of Myriam a big star in Lebanon and the Arab World which allowed her to gain a special distinction from her audience and led to her big success in: The Bacardi Night in Beirut, New Year's Eve in Biel, Al Fateh Festivals in Libya and Hala Febayer in Kuwait.
Myriam Fares was picked to appear in adverts for Sunsilk shampoo and Freshlook contact lenses.
Myriam Fares was cast in her first acting role as the main actress in the movie remake of the Rahbani's theater play Silina.All throughout her career, Myriam has had a continuous and unrelenting support from her family, and her management company “Music Is My Life”.
Myriam Fares participated in Studio el Fan 2000, representing the district of South Lebanon and earned first prize.
Myriam Fares launched the first night of “Layali Febrayer” 2010 in Kuwait. She was accompanied by other singers: Bachar EL Chatti, Mohammad Hamaki and Mayami band. During her dazzling performance, she sang one of her Khaliji songs named “Walle3o” from the 4th album. The audience was singing along as if they knew it by heart. It was a night to remember to all Arab and international era.
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