Monday, September 6, 2010

Nadia Ali was born in 3rd August 1980 in Tripoli, Libya . Her parents were Pakistani decent and later went to USA when she was at 5 years only.Her family was relocated to Queens, New York City.She has ended her education at the age 17 .She is not only a good singer but also dancer and lyric too.She has appeared a lots of commercial ads but still continuing to sing.
 Nadia Ali has listened to a huge variety of music - anything from Reggae, Hip Hop, Latin house and from Motown to alternative rock at her teen age. However, Nadia considers classic rock and Indian music to be her biggest genre influences. Artistically, the three performers having the most influence on her are Stevie Nicks, "because of her haunting vocals and songwriting;" Sade, "because she has such a distinctive sound;" and Madonna, "For being such an intense performer." She has also been heavily influenced by artists ranging from U2, Led Zeppelin, Jim Morrison, Carole King, Depeche Mode and eastern icon, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, among others.
Nadia Ali was working in the NYC Versace office - trying to balance full time employment with college - a colleague  introduced Nadia to a producer named Markus Moser. The first song Nadia sang for Markus was Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" and it blew him away - He knew Nadia had something special. At Markus' suggestion Nadia soon quit college to focus exclusively on singing and songwriting, a period that soon yielded dozens of songs. 
Markus and Nadia Ali  would formally release "Rapture" a second single "At The End" and the album Poetica under the stage name Iio. 
  Nadia Ali's best Remixed the Fantasy music video also introduces the Queen of Clubs Trilogy.
Nadia Ali won 2010 International Dance Music Awards at Winter Music Conference,Best Progressive/Tech House Track, Love Story .
Nadia Ali has performed in all parts of the world, from Texas to Taipei, Bucharest to Melbourne, and Moscow to Istanbul. She brings a unique passion and intensity to each of her performances, the result of a true connection to each track she sings. Nadia continues to 100% exclusively write and sing her own lyrics in order to bring across that true emotion to her fans. She is at the heart of what makes dance music young, fresh, exciting and new. Nadia Ali is undoubtedly a talented world-renowned artist and a prolific singer songwriter,dancer and model of Asian origin in USA .


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