Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nancy Arjam was born on 16th of May, 1983 in a small village named Achrafieh near Beirut,Lebanon.Her Parents Nabil Ajram and Raymonda Aoun are the great fan of music.She has completed her schooling from native village .There after she stated to learn traditional Lebanese music from various musician and lyrics.Her Height: 168cm ,Weight: 50kg ,Hair color: Brown / Red ,Eyes: Blue and vital 35 X 25 X 34.
Nancy Ajram started her singing journey with a variety show, Noujoum Al-Moustakbal("Stars of the Future"), a Lebanese reality television competition, which finds new solo musical talent. Ajram won a gold medal in the Tarab category after singing a song by Umm Kulthum.Her first singles were titled "Hobbak Allam Albi elGheere" by Abdo Mounzer, and "Oulha Kelma Ala Shani". At the age of 15, she released her first album, Mihtagalak ("I Need You') in 1998. It was followed by Sheel .Oyoonak Anni ("Stop Staring") in 2000, which achieved more success towards her carrier.
Nancy Arjam sings a large numbers either in movie or non movie songs. Ya Salam ("How Beautiful"),Akhasmak Ah,Sehr Ouyouno, Ah w Noss ("Yes, and a half"),Lawn Ouyounak" (Color of Your Eyes),"Oul Tany Kida?" (Say That Again?),"Inta Eih?" (What Are You?),Betfakkar Fi Eih? are a few her hits numbers.
Nancy Ajram has participated in numerous charity events and concerts that she considers a priority in her music career. In the year 2006, Ajram opened an organization under the name "Jam'iyet Nancy Ajram Al-Khayria" (Nancy Ajram's Charity Organization) in Beirut, Lebanon, that works on collecting and distributing money for the poor. 
Nancy Ajram has been choosed  to be the first female regional ambassador of  the UNICEF On October 22, 2009, for the Middle East and North Africa, as was announced in a press conference held in Beirut. Nancy announced that she will be starting her charity projects in 2010. In late 2009 she appeared in the UNICEF's commercial marking the 20th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, joining other influential Middle Eastern celebrities such as Kazem el-Saher, Saber el-Rebai and Karess Bashar.
Nancy Ajram won various award such as  Nojoom Al Mustaqbal Golden Award - (Ajram's most significant pre-stardom award)1993, Murex D'or Award - Best Video of the Year, Beirut,The Golden Lion Award, Egypt,Arabian Business - World's Most Influential Arabs, Most Influential Contemporary Female Singer in 2007 & 2009, Most Powerful Arab Singers,Nancy Ajram won her first World Music Award for her best-selling album Betfakkar Fi Eih in 2008 .She has worked with various commercial ads with sony Ericsson,pepsi ,coca cola, UNICEF (non profit)etc .
Nancy Ajram has married Dr. Fadi Hachem after a three-year relationship and gave birth a girl child named as MILA. Nancy was voted as the "Most Beautiful Mom" of 2009 for her album on daughter Mila "Ya Rab Tekbar Mila" (I Pray that Mila Grows Up) .
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