Monday, September 13, 2010

Salma Agha was born 3rd April 1962 in Karachi Pakistan. Salma Agha is grand daughter of Anwari Begum(famous late actress) and  Rafiq Ghaznavi (famous musician).Her mother Zarina Agha was a one of sister of bollywood film icon Raj Kapoor.So she is related to the famous Indian film family - Kapoors.

Salma Agha along with sister Sabina produced and sang for a record called AGHA - Salma and Sabina Agha sing ABBA hits in Hindi.The songs of Nikah a huge success even before the movie was released. The movie got stuck with the Islamic clerics who were to approve the movie before its release. They insisted on a name change and Chopra rechristened the movie "Nikah". The movie went on to be a huge success and is considered a classic. It is one of the strongest debuts for an actress and a huge vehicle for a newcomer.
Salma Agha soon purchased Reena Roy's apartment in Bandra, while Reena packed bags to move to London with her new husband cricketer Mohsin Khan. However, Salma wasn't interested in movies much, she soon hooked up with Mehmood Sipra, a NYC business man, who made Salma drop all her movie assignments and produced movies for her, beginning with Begum Sahiba and Bebasi. Sipra's divorce came through while his love affair with Salma began to fade. Both movies were shelved and Salma was left without a husband or career.
Salma Agha  worked on many other movies in Pakistan, none with major recognition other than a movie that later got adopted into a Hindi version Pati Patni aur Tawaif.  All of these movies flopped massively at the box office.
Salma Agha was married at 16 years of age to a prominent Pakistani settled in London. A divorce soon followed.Salma was married to actor Javed Sheikh and  Salma was going through another divorce with in a few years. She has a daughter with  Rehmat Khan(the squash coach).She has no intend to return Bollywood . 
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