Friday, September 24, 2010

       Sheena Shahabadi was 21st November1989 in Mumbai, India.Her Father Kuraban Sahabadi and Sadhana Singh are both yesteryear actor & actress.She has completed her schooling from K.V. Dadar.Her mother widely known for Nadia ke paar the bollywood super hit blockbuster.
Sheena Sahabadi is making a rather unconventional beginning in Bollywood. In her debut flick "Tere Sang", she plays a teenage girl whose boyfriend makes her pregnant.The film comes with a message around teen pregnancy and has sex education as one of its major promotional pegs. Ruslaan Mumtaz plays the male lead.

 Sheena Shahabadi is neither against teenage romance nor a physical relationship. ButSheena does insist on using protection.

 Sheena Shahabadi was married to her boyfriend Vaibhav Gore (whose dad works in the Mumbai Police department) but are divorced now.The actress ran away from home to marry a minor TV actor Vaibhav Gore, but they seperated in a few months.

 Sheena Shahabadi next release is Fast Forward , her co-stars in this movie are Rehan Khan, Sabina Sheema and Siddhant Karnick.

Rajadhani, directed by Raghu Jaya, has finished the shoot at Minerva Mill in Bangalore. The movie is making a big hit in kollywood.

 Sheena Shahabadi acted regional movies are Rajadhani  ( Kannada ) ,Bindaas  ( Telugu ) ,Teree Sang  ( Hindi ) ,Rajadhani  ( Kannada )

 Sheena Shahabadi states in this regard that it happened long time back and she considers it to be a mistake. She is confident that this thing won’t affect her film career. She adds that nothing can affect her career or film and that it is her acting that will do the talking for her.

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