Friday, October 15, 2010

Xu Jing Lei was born on 16th April 1974 in Beijing China.Xu graduated from the Beijing Film Academy's prestigious Performance Institute in 1997.The mainland Chinese media considers her a member of the Four Young Dan actresses.
Jane Xu is the her better known name in western world
Xu Jing Lei is popular domestically  in mid 2006, her Chinese language blog had the most incoming links of any blog in any language on the Internet, according to Technorati .
Xu Jing Lei has acted many films as such Spicy Love Soup (1997),The Storm Riders (1998),Dazzling (2002),Dreams May Come (2006),Confession of Pain (2006),The Warlords (2007),Shinjuku Incident (2009),Go Lala Go! (2010) and many more.
 Xu Jing Lei has directed movies are My Father and I (2003),Letter from an Unknown Woman (2004),Dreams May Come (2006),Go Lala Go! (2010)
Xu Jing Lei has won many national and international awards such : 2003 – Best Actress (for Spring Subway) at the 26th annual Hundred Flowers Film Awards,2003 – Best Actress (for Far From Home and I Love You) at the 9th annual Huabiao Film Awards,2003 – Best Supporting Actress (for Far From Home) and Best New Female Director (for My Father and I) at the 23rd annual Chinese Golden Rooster Awards,2004 – Best New Director and Best Actress (both for My Father and I) at the 4th annual Chinese Film Media Awards,2004 – Silver Shell for Best Director for A Letter from an Unknown Woman at the 52nd annualDonostia-San Sebasti├ín International Film Festival and many more.
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