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Nur Ul Ain who is popularly known as Annie Khalid was born on  27th March 1987 in Lahore,Pakistan.Her family went to UK when she was at 6 months only.Her father Khalid Ain and mother Sabina Ain.She grew up in East London and later moved to Essex with her parents. She went to Plashet girls school and use to be one of the most influential girls in the form her teachers use to warn her to be careful of her footsteps because there were a lot of girls who would follow her and looked at her. She use to be a little devil at school and occasionally bunk at lunch time to get her friends kebab rolls from the local takeaway.
 Annie grew up in a very multicultural town. She was a part of the east London Dance Company and often used to enrol into dance workshops during her half term vacations.Annie sitting bored in her house, started humming a melody. She took that melody to a friend who introduced her to a music arranger. Together they came up with a very simple, yet catchy song which Annie decided to call Mahiyaa. With Annie's simple rendition and style of singing, along with catchy lyrics, she was encouraged by family and friends to take it a step further. A record company got in touch and preparation for a video was made. 
 Annie Khalid was shooting a mediocre video, with the help of her dad, she released it in Pakistan, having no idea what was in store for her.The song became an instant hit, being ripped from the video and being sold privately, it became the most accessed Pakistani pop song on the internet for both 2005 and 2006. 
 Annie Khalid won the Most Wanted Song, Most Wanted Female 2006 and also ˜The Most Wanted Female 2008 at TMA (The Music Awards) by viewers choice and many more awards as her career progressed. Within the next year Bollywood Cinema moguls Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt expressed their desire for Annie's Mahiya, for their upcoming movie Awarapan. She flew to India to record the song and video, before the movie release and consequently gained more fame and fan following from her neighbouring country than ever before.
 Annie Khalid started working with various charities, raising awareness for education and health. Also within this short span of time after the success of Mahiya, Annie became a household name and endorsed high profile brands, becoming the most popular female artist and the most Influential Teen in Pakistan to date! One of the many things that sets Annie apart from every one else is her curly hair, she is often imitated by her fans who love her hair and enjoy copying her styles.
 Annie Khalid was asked to be show stopper at the 2010 La'Oreal Karachi fashion week, for BNS couture Annie's girl-next-door image landed her a deal with beverage giants Pepsi. She was signed in 2007, to be the face of Pepsi Pakistan. In her first advert she plays the part of a cheeky girl who fights with her companion for the last drop of Pepsi! Pepsi then teamed up with Annie along with Indian singing legend Adnan Sami Khan for the next advert. Here she plays the V.I.P who is invited by Adnan to a concert. She is shocked to see her call him on to stage where she performs with him to his hit number Barisha.
 Annie Khalid was appointed to be the Goodwill Ambassador for the International Red Cross on September 23rd, 2010, in Norway, where she raised money with the Red Cross for the flood victims in Pakistan by supporting and contributing in various activities.Annie was appointed to be the Goodwill Ambassador for the International Red Cross on September 23rd, 2010, in Norway, where she raised money with the Red Cross for the flood victims in Pakistan by supporting and contributing in various activities.
Annie Khalid has signed with Norwegian Telecommunication company Telenor  as their new brand ambassador. Telenors light hearted concepts paired up with Annie's skilful acting projected both Artist and brand to new heights. Fans appreciated the new look and enjoyed the funny commercials, changing Annie's tag name from The Mahiya girl to The talkshawk girl.Telenor Talkshawk is the most popular Telecom in Pakistan today.
There  are no private data available at this moment but we promise when we get sure include it as updated version .Special thanks to Annie Khalid official website
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