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Horikita Maki Who is also known as Marina Hara, Maki-maki, Homaki, Makinpo, Horikitty, Pori chan was born 6th October 1988 in Kiyose,Tokyo,Japan.In junior high school, Horikita served as the vice-president of her school's student council and the vice-captain of the basketball club. In class, she was dubbed as the “Boss of 3-C” in recognition of her status as the class representative.She has not completed her graduation from prestigious Tokyo University College, Japan.Horikita is the eldest of three girls. She was boyish during most of her childhood.She has behaved like a boy from her childhood which is made her more stronger and braver than other girls. Her height 5'3'' ,weight 49 kg and vital 33 X 25 X 34
Horikita Maki had her acting debut in 2003 as a U-15 idol.There after she starts a long race of movies,drama,modeling and TV anchoring with Branded entertainment company or organizations.Densha Otoko and Nobuta wo Produce that opened more doors of opportunity for her. 
Horikita Maki has acted in many TV Programmes like Wagaya no Rekishi as Yame Namiko (Fuji TV, 2010),Tokujo Kabachi!! (TBS, 2010),Chance! as Kawamura Tamaki (Fuji TV, 2009),Koi no Kara Sawagi Drama Special Love Stories IV (NTV, 2007),Seito Shokun! as Kimura Juria (TV Asahi, 2007),Kurosagi as Yoshikawa Tsurara (TBS, 2006),Keitai Deka Zenigata Mai as Zenigata Mai (TBS, 2003),Densha (2003) and many more .
Horikita Maki has acted in movies like Cosmic Rescue (2003),Seventh Anniversary (2003),HIRAKATA (2004) ,Always - 3chome no Yuhi / Always - Sunset on Third Street (2005),Keitai Deka THE MOVIE (2006),Argentine Baba (2007),Tokyo Shonen (2008),ARCANA (2008),Nakushita Kioku (2009) and many more.
Horikita Maki has won 54th Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Actress for Hanazakari no Kimitachi e,49th Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actress for Kurosagi,29th Japan Academy Awards: Best Newcomer for Always -Sunset on Third Street,47th Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actress for Nobuta wo Produce, Nihon Monitor recognized Horikita as one of Japan's top endorsers during its annual Most Popular Personality in TV CMs.Vogue Nippon - Women of the Year 2007 One of the eleven recipients.She has many oher regional and international awards too.
Horikita Maki had also ventured the world of voice acting, debuting as an anime seiyu for one of the characters in Nobita and the Green Giant Legend 2008.Her most prominent voice acting stint was when she provided the voice for Luke, a character from the video game series, Professor Laytonseries.
Horikita Maki With a rare down-to-earth personality and a supportive fanbase all over the world, we can expect this young talented actress to take on more challenging roles in the future.It is  heard news that Maki has a boyfriend..... a friend told me there were rumors in japan that she has a boyfriend...the guy was a French... is it true yet not confirmed !!!
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