Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Jeri Lee was born 29th November, 1984 in Anaheim, California,USA.Her father Jhon Lee from Philippine and mother from Mexico.Her home town is Orange County, California, USA.She has Graduated from orange county evangelist High school but has not gone further education due to her carrier.Her height 5'2'' ,weight 47 kg and vital  32 X 24 X34. 

 Jeri Lee has a fun making personality.She can make any one laugh at any moment.  
 Jeri Lee is also known as MAMA LEE by near and dears.
 Jeri Lee can be seen anywhere from magazines to tv shows, this girl is on her way to the top. When you combine a bubbly personality with a body no man could resist, you basically have yourself a star waiting to explode.
Jeri Lee ,  Besides showing off her sexy ass body in photo shoots and tv shows, you might be able to catch a glimpse of this Filipino beauty go go dancing at some of the big night clubs in L.A.
 Jeri Lee has a bubbly personality and an infectious smile of pure beauty.  she’s real gorgeous but, her boobs are enhanced, that doesn’t take away the popularity of Jeri Lee receives around the world of modeling and beauty.
Jeri Lee is best known for her appearances in Import scene|import automotive magazines, films, and events, in addition to her Go-Go dancing.
Jeri Lee has worked with HIN, Glow Girls, Lowrider Magazine, Performance Auto & Sound Magazine, Performance Auto & Sound Magazine, etc.
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