Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sadia Jahan Prova was born on  13 th February 1988 in Dhaka, Bangladesh.She has completed BBA.Her father is a businessman and mother is ex drama actress(Bangla opera artist).she was a student of North South University.She has three siblings as one brother and two sisters.
Sadia Jahan Prova has started her carrier as a Model of advertisements.Later She started to play drama as well as Acting in movie.
Sadia Jahan Prova has very attractive and talented model cum actress in   Bangladeshi modeling and entertainment industry.Sadia Jahan acts in many Bangladeshi advertisements, Movies and serials , few ads like Tibet, Ponds, Banglalink, Jui oil, Vanishing cream.
Sadia Jahan Prova has better worked in T.V serials and Drama of modern life.
Sadia Jahan Prova has been fallen in a porno video trap. Prova and Rajib scandal is becoming more and more discussed matter in last few days. Prova got married with another popular Bangladeshi actor Apurbo few days ago. But, Prova had a deep relationship with Rajib for a long time.The wedding took place in Dhaka in presence of a few close friends.Prova and Apurbo would feature as co-artistes in 10 TV plays. A hot core video was taken when Prova and Rajib was in a sexual activities. One of Bangladeshi Daily newspaper published this news last Friday. Then whole Bangladesh has become a place of gossip.
Apurbo’s friends have said that Apurbo is leading a miserable life now days. He can’t concentrate on any work. Some close source said that after watching the scandal video of Prova’s physical relation with her ex boyfriend Rajib, Apurbo has lost his interest on Prova. Apurbo’s friends said, “Apurbo believed Prova a lot. Apurbo knew about her relation with Rajib. But Prova convinced him that she had no deep physical relation with Rajib. Apurbo kept believe on Prova’s convince.” But now people are giving hate to Prova too much. Apurbo is facing a lot of social impediments from different sphere.Now it is time to see what kind of relation continues between Prova and Apurbo.Apurbo has already restricted Prova to face media for at least five years. He has also restricted Prova to go outside from house. Apurbo’s parents and Prova’s Parents are also having some hesitating time just because of Prova Scandal.this vdo prova lost her carrier, her glory and everything she had. Possibly this is the first clear and deliberate sex vdo of any media actor / actress in Bangladesh !!! Prova is the first victim ... She should not have done this !!!
Sadiya Jahan Prova before marriage Apurbo has engaged with her B. friend Rajiv Hassan. Both of them were student of North South University. They met each other when they study and fall in love. After 7 years of their relation they engage with each other.Sadia Jahan Prova Bangladeshi Superstar TV Actress and her eX BoyFriend Rajib Sex Scandals(see).Revenge of the ex BF after being dumped.
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  1. Prova is a really beautiful model n probably the first celebrity toe be seen in action in this kind of private moments videao. its really unfortunate on part of a person who made it public for any reasons what so ever.At least I dont like a person who did it n highly comdemn itAkhil

  2. naughty prova because her body structure is very sexy...........


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