Thursday, November 25, 2010

Faria Alam was born 13th February 1966 in Dhaka,Bangladesh.Her father was a Pakistani Bank official in Bangladesh(former east Pakistan) and her mother was Bangladeshi Opera Artist.She has two three siblings two brothers and one sister.Her schooling has ended very early.Her height 5'7'' ,weight 57 kg and vital 36 X 26 X 37.
Faria Alam's family emigrated to England in 1970, and she was grew up in the North East, living in Bradford, Northumberland and Newcastle. When she was a teenager it was reported that she went through an unhappy arranged marriage in Bangladesh, and later returning to England.
Faria Alam's mother moved to Seattle in the United States after her parents divorced. Her father died in 1997, and she was left with her family friends. She moved to London, there she was described as spending nights partying with friends.
Faria Alam has come to the limelight of the public after the revelation of her affair with Sven-Goran Eriksson and her dating relationship with Mark Palios in August 2004. The Mail on Sunday and News of the World published interviews with Alam where she was questioned about sex with Eriksson and Palios in "graphic detail", and also mentioned a relationship with Indian actor Salman Khan (which he firmly denied). Alam was paid £200,000 for each interview.
Faria Alom has got a role in Britflick Cash and Curry playing a hitwoman. In an interview. she said of about role that she has got the change to present herself to own and the common public thinking .
Faria Alam has appeared in various tabloid magazines cover pages till now.Alam has appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK. During her time on Big Brother she was perceived to have flirted with former NBA star Dennis Rodman. But she can not win the title.
It was claimed in the News of the World on Sunday, Faria Alam is now working as a prostitute, then she would be typical in many respects of the girls attracted to the work.But according to the tabloid she has apparently gone into hiding after being caught by the News of the World sting operation.
Faria Alam is the most researchable name in south Asian community in United Kingdom till date because of her controversies every where .So she has become a celebrity due to her less modeling and acting works.
Faria Alam loves to enjoy jet-skiing and scuba-diving to long travel.she also likes to set up an American office for a fashion label.
The News of the World had a article on Faria Alam having sex for money, claiming: "FA SEX scandal secretary Faria Alam is a secret £8,000-a-night hooker " This article has forced her to hide from public in February 2007.
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