Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Asha Anand Gill was born 3rd July 1972 in Pembury, Kent, United Kingdom.Her parents are Indian origin French.She has schooled in Ramsgate, Kent (St Lawrence College, Ramsgate) as well as Maidstone, Kent. she spent much of her childhood in Seremban,Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.She took her O-Levels and A-Levels in the UK, and continued on to do her Bachelors in Science in Quantity Surveying at Kingston Polytechnic. A few credits shy of graduation, she decided that quantity surveying was not for her. She then decided to go into the media line.Her height 5' 9'' ,weight 56 kg and vital 37 X 26 X 36.
Asha Anand Gill, the beautiful lass was discovered at 22 for a modeling job with Lipton Tea. In 1997, she decided to try out an audition in Kuala Lumpur that seeks to hunt down a qualified individual for Channel V replacing one of the then VJs, Trey.
 Asha Anand Gill has joined Channel V international, a leading Asia Pacific music channel in Hong Kong. She performed well in the industry and made waves especially among viewers from Bangladesh andBahrain. Unlike other veejays, Gill is talented in hosting her own show as she did her own research and wrote the scripts. Hence, she ended up directing, producing as well as script writing for several programmes.
 Asha Anand Gill Meets, in which she interviewed international figures such as Britney Spears and Moby. Known for her unique interview style, she has also interviewed other big names in the industry including Bee Gees, Darren Hayes, Destiny’s Child, Travis, Lenny Kravitz and plenty more.
 Asha Anand Gill is spending most of the years hosting various programmes, she made her acting debut in a Malaysian TV drama, City of the rich and a Malaysian movie, Mimpi Moon. Voted as FHM Malaysia 100 Sexiest Women, Gill is also a spokesmodel for L'Oreal.
 Asha Anand Gill was once featured on a Time magazine cover along with two other notable Eurasians, Thai singer Tata Young and Hongkong model Maggie Q. Based on six degrees of separation, Gill hosted people-centric travel show called Lonely Planet’s Six Degrees with a British veejay, Toby Amies in 2003. Later on in 2004, Gill joined Mix FM and co-hosted one of the timeslot, Drivetime with Non.
 Asha Anand Gill is passionate about human rights, especially women's rights, and has been part of women's rights movements ever since her university days. She also works behind the scenes for various human rights and relief organizations, as well as charities.
Asha Anand Gill admits to finding it a little strange that, as a media person who's a single mum, not married or divorced and not in a relationship, her status is more often than not ignored. Stranger still, she has all but disappeared from the scene.
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