Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Carmen Soo was born on October 4, 1977 Kulalampur, Malaysia.Her parents are Chinese origin Malaysian.she turned 21 (after graduating from Stamford College for her Bachelor's Degree in Business Management) she decided to try her luck in Hong Kong. Fortunately, a number of Hong Kong agencies were looking for models from other parts of Asia. Hence, she gave a shot and contacted Andrew’s Models.
Carmen Soo was only seventeen when she first appeared in TV commercials for Taylor’s College. Her untimely effortto audition for a role in ads proved to be a success as she was cast in several other commercials such as Livita and Dynamo.
Carmen Soo is standing at 160 cm, it is rather difficult for Soo to expand her career in fashion shows but her beauty mesmerizes the advertisers. Hence, she was featured in a string of commercials and magazines such as NewMan, NewTide, NuYou and V Mag. This gorgeous beauty was selected as Longines watch brand spokesperson along with Paula Malai Ali (another renowned Malaysian personality).
Carmen Soo was expanding her career in Hong Kong, she landed a role in Jackie Chan’s movie ‘Gorgeous’. Besides, she also starred in Aaron Kwok's musical special. When she returned to Malaysia following her success in Hong Kong, she starred in several Malaysian movies.
Carmen Soo's ability to speak in fluent Malay, Cantonese, English as well as Mandarin helped in her acting career. Hence, she landed herself a role in a Malay movie – Baik Punya Cilok. Other movies are The 3rdGeneration, Visits, Sayang You Can Dance and Tenement 2. Soo was also in stage plays – The Girl from Ipoh and Rose Rose I Love You.
Carmen Soo stays Other than Hong Kong and Malaysia, Soo is a familiar face in Singapore and Philippines too. After staying in Hong Kong for several years, she decided to return to Malaysia and venture into business. Soo owns a store called Kushi that sells clothes, bags and accessories.
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