Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gurmit Kaur was born on 14th November 1966 in Singapore . Her parents are Indian origin from patiwala Punjab. Her Schooling was started in Singapore but later her family went to Toronto, Canada.Gurmit briefly studied in 1985 at the La Salle Academy in Singapore before leaving for Belgium to be trained as a goldsmith in 1986. Left for Paris in 1989 to become a fashion muse for Yves Saint Laurent. Left for New York in 1995 to launch her jewellery line at Bergdorf Goodman.Gurmit Kaur's Heght 5' 10 , weight 54 kg and vital 35 X 25 X 36. [ Admin declaration:- All information and images in this blog belongs to Gurmit Kaur and her official website ]
Gurmit Kaur has worked in different mediums like painting, sculpting, jewellery, performance and time based video installations.She was seen many international magazine cover pages as such Elle,maxim,Bazar,down to earth ,Indian vogue,Italian vogue,harper etc.
Gurmit Kaur has worked in different scale and mediums over the last few years, but has always remained uniquely engaging in a wide variety of both modern and traditional techniques. She has explored her themes in a great variety of styles from abstraction to the realism of the ready-made.
Gurmit Kaur is being raised in a tight patriarchal, dogmatic, religious Sikh upbringing where she was almost forced into a matched made marriage at the age of 19, Gurmit has been thrown into by cultural and historical circumstances to look in this power shift in gender and the society that she lives.
Gurmit Kaur has weared Haute Couture - Autumn/Winter 1990 {Christian Lacroix}, Haute Couture - Spring/Summer 1991 {Christian Lacroix, Odicini} ,Haute Couture - Autumn/Winter 1991 {Christian Lacroix, Barocco, G. Torlonia, Hanae Mori, Jean-Louis Scherrer, Valentino}, Haute Couture - Spring/Summer 1992 {Lancetti}, Haute Couture - Autumn/Winter 1992 {Christian Dior, Gattinoni, Givenchy, Lancetti, Renato Balestra}, Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 1993 {Yves Saint Laurent}, Haute Couture - Spring/Summer 1993 {Jean-Louis Scherrer}, Haute Couture - Autumn/Winter 1993 {Christian Lacroix}, Haute Couture - Autumn/Winter 1994 {Lancetti} and many more.
Gurmit Kaur's works deals with the psychological and the social concerns around the power of “The Looking Culture”. A culture that involves learning to interpret and, like other practices, looking involves relationships of power. A practice much like speaking, writing. And in this object/subject relationship of power, the most important experience of being conscious is being seen by the Other.
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