Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rain Li was born on 11th November 1983 in Hongkong (former British colony),China.She has started her schooling in her home town but later left for United Kingdom for higher study at the age 15.Her parents were teaching professionals.Her height 5' 7'' ,weight 52 kg and vital 34 X 26 X 35.
Rain Li has left the country the age of 15 to England, in order to learn English and presume her dream. Through only a few months of language training and part-time jobs, she had discovered her passion for lighting. Her 2 year training as an electrician on short films, commercials and features films, had led to camera assisting, and then later to cinematography at the age of 18.
Rain Li has been collaborating with renowned cinematographer/director Christopher Doyle (‘In the Mood for Love’, ‘Hero’, ‘Rabbit Proof Fence’, Lady in the Water etc) in 2005, on twelve projects to date. She has also collaborated with many internationally renown directors, including Jim Jarmusch, Gus Van Sant and Mike Figgis. Her recent film, “Paranoid Park” by Gus Van Sant, received “Special Prize of International Cannes Film Festival 60th Anniversary” in 2007.
Rain Li has just had her first exhibition in China. It's also an event with live music and dance performance,The idea to bring film visual language, live music and dance together to celebrate femininity in new China,Rain is featured on the Coming Soon blog as part of her work with the campaign and many more.
Rain Li has worked with many extraordinary international designers, such as Dries Van Noten, Yohji Yamamoto, etc. she had shot 12 features, twenty-five short films, numerous popular commercials, music videos and also interesting art and fashion projects.
Rain Li's filmography is so long listed as such Single Blog | Dan sun bo lok (2007) - Kit,Forest of Death | Sum yuen (2007) - May,House of Mahjong | Lik goo lik goo dui dui pong (2007) - Gigi,On the Edge | Hak bak do (2006) - Cat,Re-cycle | Gwai wik (2006),Bet to Basic | Da jeuk ying hung chun (2006) - Pui-yi,Super Model | Wo yao zuo model (2004) - Romance,Astonishing | Jing xin dong po (2004),Love on the Rocks | Luen ching go gup (2004) - May,My Lucky Star | Hung wun chiu yun (2003) - Police officer,If You Care... | Chin cheng sin sang (2002) - Jennifer,2002 (2001) Rain,Stolen Love | Bit luen (2001) - Ching-I,Goodbye, Mr. Cool | Gau lung bing sat (2001) - Ms. Mung and many more.
Rain Li is a unique filmmaker, who has a creative vision, mind and life experiences in both western and eastern cultures. Her work has been described as “romanticism vs aggression” and “surrealism vs reality”.
Rain Li's current focus is to return to China to bring her unique experiences, talent, and skills to Chinese film and artistic industry, in order to taking it to an much more international level.
Rain Li was connected her personal life with the famous names are Marcus Wong,Lee Hyori,Jun Ji Hyun,Wong Li Hong, Raymond Lam and many more . Once it is heard that Rain Li has married with Marcus Wong but later it is not confirmed .(Special thanks to Rain Li's Official website )
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