Saturday, November 13, 2010

1.Danni Li :-
Danni Li’s natural beauty has made her a popular model for seasonal runway shows, as well as for out-of-the-box styling. She can give a dreamy stare into the camera at a moment’s notice and seems to enjoy keeping her lips parted in many an editorial—a sexy look for her that she shouldn’t drop. She is stood in no 10 in recent survey.
2.Han Jin :-
Chinese origin Korean model Han Jin is another woman making New York a veritable model-fest. Known for her cheekbones and miles-long legs, she has a scary-good client list for runway shows and print ads. The highlight of her career so far has definitely been scoring not one, but two covers of Vogue Korea. she is in no 9 in our survey.
3.Kiki Kang :-

Kiki Kang is an another Chinese origin natural beauty has what would be considered a dancer’s body, with strength and a certain sense of delicacy playing off of one another. Her signature mole can’t help but be compared to Cindy Crawford’s, and she has some great cupid’s bow lips that will do her well in a cosmetic contract.She has sttod in no 8 in our survey.
4.Liu Wen :-
Liu Wen is one of the Chinese origin model looks stunning in any situation, which is why you could recognize her from recent pages of J. Crew or perhaps Victoria’s Secret’s runway show. The first Chinese model to be asked to walk for V.S., she said at the time she has asked her agent if she was joking. According my notion an Asian girl would get this job.” We probably don’t need to point this out, but Wen has a gorgeously tawny complexion and a long, lithe frame.She has received 7 th rank in this survey.
5.Shu Pei :-
Shu Pei is an another hot and successful Chinese origin model from recent GAP F/W campaigns, but if not, we’ll get you up to speed. This Chinese model’s alabaster-perfect complexion, full and pouty lips, and killer cheekbones makes her the focus of many an up-close fashion editorial with mod makeup. It suits her well.She has been got rank 6.
6.Si Tanwiboon:-
Chinese origin Thai model Si Tanwiboon walked for Givenchy F/W and posed for Elle Paris in 2010. This relatively new model on the scene has a slightly more substantial frame than we’re used to seeing on Asian models. Her golden skin and insanely perky bust virtually guarantee that she’ll be sticking around in Paris. she has got rank 5.
7.Hyun Yi Lee:-
Hyun Yi Lee is one of the top ranked Chinese origin Korean model sometimes accused of not having an “interesting” enough face by naysayers, but isn’t a clean palette something that agents love to promote? Arresting with hair teased to the heavens and saucy in swimwear, Korean model Hyun Yi Lee is a leggy dream at 5′10”.She has been choosen for rank 4 in the latest survey.
8.Sun Fei Fei:-
Sun Fei Fei is an another Chines origin hot actress and model, has a certain fine-boned quality that makes her perfect for couture shoots and high fashion. With a nymph-like body like hers, she can still pull off the remarkably weird stuff with ease. Topless, conceptual, swimsuit, and standard: she’s done it all. She has cleans weeped at no 3.
9.Tao Okamoto:-
Chinese origin (Japanese) model Tao Okamoto has undeniable charm, with high-gloss hair making Fekkai wannabes drool. If someone looks good with a Dorothy Hamill haircut, then they’ll look damn good in textured minis, catsuits, and liquid leggings, sans top. With her cropped-short ‘do, there’s an Asian Twiggy vibe going on in several 2010 spreads.She has been chosen for the rank no 2 in popularity.
10.Kelly Ann Hu :-
Miss Teen USA is Hawaii's Kelly Ann Hu who is better know as Kelly Hu --Those were the magic words that set Kelly Hu on the course of success. A blend of Chinese, English and Hawaiian ancestry who won every thing in modeling and acting carrier .she has done all about those are required in entertainment industry.Know Her profile Kelly Ann Hu (click on here).She has been chosen top rank By the Recent survey Conducted online and offline across the world.
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