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Monica Nichole Sandra Dewi Gunawan Basri who is better known as Sandra Dewi was born on 8th August 1983 in Louth Bangka Belitung Island ,Indonesia. Her parents Andreas Gunawan Basri and Catharina Erliani are Chinese origin and later settle in Jakarta.Her schooling has started at SD St. Therese I,SMP St. Therese I,SMUK St. Yosef and later to London School Of Public Relations.She has completed her education late 2005.She has two siblings as Kartika Dewi, Raymond Gunawan.Her height 5' 5'' ,weight 49 kg and vital 35 X 26 X 36.
Sandra Dewi  loves to eat snakesand monkeys. This began to plunge into the world of entertainment when he joined the Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Female Magazine , 2006. In the event, Sandra won two. The victory was a springboard for Sandra, after one juror event, Nia Dinata offered for casting. Sandra escape casting for the role of Lila, the doctor pretty and smart in the movie Quickie Express (2007). Sandra then the more well-known name thanks to his role in the soap opera aired chase Love Beautiful. Sandra Dewi with Dewi Sandra and Luna Maya sings the song called "Play" in order to welcome the EURO 2008.
Sandra Dewi's Filmography is such as  Quickie Express (2007) as Lila,City Tarzan (2008) as Rachel bint Subarkah,Sinetron,beautiful love soap operas (2007),jameelah sinetron (2008) and many more .

Sandra Dewi has won West Jakarta Tourism Ambassador,Fun Fearless Female of 2006, Runner-up,Favorite Newcomer Actress IMA 2008,2008 anti-drug ambassadors,Icon National Film magazine poll hai 2008 version,
Indonesia sweetheart star versitabloid 2008,The most marketable artist's 2008 version of tabloid star,artist terfaforit anniversary version of the insert 2008,the most friendly magazine celebrity oops 2008,the artist's 2008 version of the magazine's most shining stars,pandawi five versions intainment birthday celebrity cases,fairy birthday razor version,artist to share and the highest rating in the history of infotainment hotshot,No. 1 artist most sought-after in yahoo Indonesia,sparkling artist who is still going to shine in 2009 according to the tabloid Indonesia woman,artist prettiest 2008 tabloid XO,artist shiny shiny 2009 version still will re-check check n.
Sandra Dewi has appeared Modeling ,Photo Session & Magazine (Cover Model) such as FHM Indonesia , Tabloid Nova,tabloid star,Real Tabloid,Mobile Magazine,Magazine Cita Cinta,O Magazine,Kartini Magazine,Kartika Magazine,Femina Magazine,Female Magazine,Urban Style Magazine,Fit Magazine,Goddess Magazine,Oops Magazine,Clara Magazine,Eve Magazine,Spice Magazine,Magazine Herworld,May May Salon and many more.
Sandra Dewi has appeared many ads campaigns such as Ads WRP "How stretchy",Ads Pertamina "Smile",Ads Sympathy "I Love You Too",Nuts Mr "P",Fresh and Natural,Enchanteur,Lippo Bank's "Pink Lady" Credit Card,Carvil,Bukrim,D-one Mobile Phone,Felice Jewelery,Bontea green tea (candy),5aSec,Telkomsel,Icon of Toyota (Smart Driving Smart Woman),Tv celebrity,UBS,Disney on Ice,Ambassador Leprosy,Alexander Sharp Slim 2 with Dewi Sandra,UC1000,Icons of Ponds Flawless White,Icons of Clear Shampoo Soft and Shiny,Ambassadors For You Indonesiaku,Softex icon Light Airy and many more
Sandra Dewi has appeared in music videos as such Mulan, Wonder Woman,Maia, EGP,Mbah Surip, Wake Goddess, Do it with love,Project Pop, canceled wedding and many more
Sandra Dewi's Fun facts are Every morning his mother hostage for not doing any activity until he went shooting,On days off are always escorted his sister and his parents to the set,Hate cats, because he thinks it is creepy cat eyes,Do not like night life,Like a breakfast of chocolate and strawberry milkunfortunately very similar sandersnya and many.(special thanks to Sandra Dewi's OFFICIAL BLOG /SITE).
Sandra Dewi has got success in her career world, was not followed by Sandra success in terms of romance. Evidently, Sandra menjomblo still feel at home. Though not a few men who approached him handsome and well established. Call it Delon, and Donnie Sibarani, vocalist of The Band, is a name that was close to him.Even so star FTV ONE HEART PROJECT is not giving up looking for companion of life. Through a kind of audition that he did to choose male choice. And now there is one man from among the non-celebrity that close to him. And he hopes this relationship can survive.
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