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Ghada Abd El Razek also know as Ghada Abdel Razek was born on 6th June 1970 in Cairo , Egypt.Her parents are Saudi Arabian decent.She studied Computer Science and graduated from prestigious Al Azhar University, Cairo.She also had learned belly dance from Russian famous Sadiqa Group.Ghada Abdel Razek's height is 5' 7'', Weight 59 kg (now) and vital 36 X 26 X 37. 
Ghada Abdel Razek started her acting career through commercials.She has appeared in various commercial ads such as telcom,lux,pepsi,coca cola etc.
Ghada Abdel Razek's best movies are: Heen Myasara, Laylat Al Baby doll, Al Rayyes Omar Harb, Khaltat Fawzia, Azmat Sharaf, Adrenaline and Jamal Abdel Naser. Some of her best tv series: Aailat el hajj mitwalli, Masaalat Mabdaa and Mahmoud El Masri.
Ghada Abdel Razek's best tv series: Aailat el hajj mitwalli, Masaalat Mabdaa and Mahmoud El Masri and many more.
Ghada Abdel Razak stated that she dreams of wearing the Hijab, Islamic headdress, but stated that it will come at the right time. The actress made this revelation during an interview on the program “Kish Malik” (Check Mate) which is aired on the Egyptian satellite channel “Al Hayah”.
Ghada Abdel Razak said in an interview that wearing the hijab would be a blessing from God and she wishes for such a blessing stressing that she may wear the hijab at any moment spontaneously and she is not planning on it on a given date. The actress revealed that she will resign from the acting world once she reaches the age of 50, because she wants to leave the spotlight at the peak of her career and not because she is forced to do so. She added that until that moment comes she wants to present projects that leave their mark among viewers and make her remembered always. Ghada said that she is also willing to quit her career immediately if her only daughter Rotana asks her to do so.
Ghada Abdel Razak has been seen in various magazine cover pages either Egyptian or international .Some of them are Elle Elle,Bazar,Filmfare,cinebitz etc.

Ghada Abdel Razak has always been a controversial artist due to her bold choices and roles, but also, on the personal life level, she never ceases to surprise us.Abdel Razek never found any familial stability, as her multiple marriages have reached 7 times. She first got married to the Saudi businessman Adel Kazzaz when she was just 17 and had her only child, Rotana.

Ghada Abdel Razak has declared that looking back, she finds that she was too young, unaware of the true meaning of love and marriage back then, and so she got a divorce after 7 years.
Ghada Abdel Razak then got married to an Egyptian businessman but the relationship between them was doomed to fail due to the big age difference.Following that, she tied the knot with Helmy Sarhan, only to break up with him shortly. Not very long after that, she met producer Walid Al-Tabie who was her true love, who made her feel warmth and happiness.
But after producing several movies -starring Ghada Abdel Razak- Walid her husband faced a financial crisis and was even sentenced to jail; soon afterwards, Ghada declared their split, the thing that put her under critics’ fire who described her as a disloyal wife who left her husband after he ran out of money, Ghada then commented on that by saying that Walid has had financial troubles for so long but she never thought of leaving him, she then added that his temper was the reason behind their split.A while back, Ghada announced her engagement to journalist Mohamed Fouda, only to declare the annulment shortly after, stating that their feelings for each other was pure friendship and nothing more.
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