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Mariam Sobh was born on 15th September 1984 in Illions,USA.Her Father is a Lebanese decent American and mother US citizen.She holds a bachelors degree in Speech Communication, and a Masters in Radio and Television journalism.Mariam Sobh's height 5' 3'' , weight 52 kg and vital 35 X 26 X 36 (according to A. Abdullah ).Mariam has also studied voice for four years while going to school for her journalism degree, she's trained as a soprano for classical opera but prefers to sing her own creations.[ADMIN Declaration:- All the images of Mariam Sobh Belongs to her site HIJAB TRENDZ & copyright to the same]
Mariam Sobh has started as a volunteer for the Illinois Radio Reader where she read books and newspapers on a special radio frequency for the visually impaired.she worked for the local modern rock station then known as WGPU 107.1 “The Planet”. Her roles included reporter, news anchor, DJ and News Director in her college duration.
Mariam Sobh has also interned for the news department at the local CBS affiliate station WCIA channel 3 and wrote a weekly column for the University paper “The Daily Illini” several of her columns were picked up nationally.In graduate school Mariam worked for the college television station UI-7 News as a news anchor and reporter. During and after graduate school Mariam worked at the local public radio station WILL AM 580 where she anchored the news and weather on the weekends and moved into filling in during the week for the news anchor as well as the local hosts of “All Things Considered”.
Mariam Sobh has moved to Chicago(with her husband) where she worked for Chicago Public Radio as an intern and news reporter. While there Mariam contributed several pieces for National Public Radio in Washington D.C. Within seven months after moving to Chicago Mariam was offered a full time job as a reporter and news anchor for the Illinois Radio Network.
Mariam Sobh has been trained in classical voice and enjoys writing her own songs. She also enjoys acting whenever the opportunity presents itself; whether it’s for television, film, theater or voice overs.Although it may seem she’s had a varied career in the media, Mariam also has a passion for the arts.
Mariam Sobh has founded Hijabtrendz where she currently serves as Editor in Chief. Through Hijabtrendz she created the first ever online television and podcast entertainment series aimed at Muslim women. Mariam is also the national “Muslim Women’s Style” writer for Examiner.
Mariam Sobh has stated in an interview about Hijab fashion "I think Muslim women in the U.S. are starting to become more confident about hijab and are finding very unique ways to dress in the latest fashion and trends while still wearing their hijab. I'm also seeing this happening overseas. When I was a teenager barely anyone wore hijab so it was so hard to come up with new ways to style, but now so many women wear hijab you can find inspiration anywhere you look."
Mariam Sobh has founded the Association of Muslim Women Artists and co-produced one of the first all-inclusive entertainment shows for Muslim artists on her college campus that has since been replicated nationwide.
Mariam Sobh has got married Chicago based business man A.Abdullah in 2005 and Now staying there with her husband.She has a kid.She is a very fundamentalist Muslim but she never claim as a cleric.
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