Sunday, December 5, 2010

Moe Hay Ko was born on 26th June 1985 in Yangon Myanmar(Burma).Her parents both are tourism facilitators and wanted to make her a good surgeon doctor but Luck has pulled her to modeling field.She has got her schooling in her home city Yangon.Moe Hay Ko's height 5' 5'',Weight 49 kg and her vital 34 X 22 X 36 .She has also learned martial arts from Buddhist monk.
Moe Hay Ko has started her carrier as a race model of Yangon at the age of 18 .Later she has enter the proper modeling channel with more options.
Moe Hay Ko has gained more weight now compare than before. Check out her portraits in covers of Perfect and Faces Magazines. She looks better with her slim shape. Don't you think so? People are always changing with age.
Moe Hay Ko in Style Magazine. Look quite beautiful and gorgeous in this white dress.
Moe Hay Ko with new short hair fashion. The first picture looks nice (accidentally) but others are not good looking with this kind of short hair.
Hot Moe Hay Ko fashions of black and white with golden accessories. She's really good looking with this make-up. Moe Hay Ko is top hot Myanmar model and actress in Myanmar.
Moe Hay Ko looks very hot and sexy here though she wears a green dress.The beauty of Burmese girl complexion is revealed here.Foreigners commented on the beauty of a Burmese girl's complexion is that the girl's skin is not so tanned which is golden brown; smooth and soft.It's said a Burmese girl's beautiful skin is one of the ideal characteristics of sexy and perfect women type for most of the foreign men.
Moe Hay Ko in Beautiful Myanmar dress.Myanmar traditional dresses or modernized Myanmar dresses are worn due to special occasions such as wedding,Birthday,Academy awards,going to Monastery or any other special occasions.
Moe Hay Ko's favorite shopping lists from Idea Magazine November issue 2009.Seems like her most favorite brand is L.V(Louis Vuitton).
Moe Hay Ko becomes popular among Burmese audience because of her sexy and hot style and fashion. She is not same with other Burmese models, because she is not only beautiful and pretty model, but also hot and sexy actress. Now, she is acting for many Myanmar videos and she also sings some hot songs.
Moe Hay Ko fashion in smart working woman style.Moe Hay Ko in sexy standing before a posts.
Moe Hay Ko in dresses of different styles. Some are nice but some are not that good looking. But the first dress is nice and Moe Hay Ko looks hot and pretty. It doesn't look like Moe Hay Ko anymore for the picture in red dress.
Moe Hay Ko is a Burmese model .She is very Popular fashion model. She is one of beautiful model. she is doing very good in modeling .Her modeling career is going fine , she is beautiful and attractive girl. Moe Hay Ko have a very sexy figure and ideal for being a Model. Moe Hay Ko have very good talent in the field of modeling in Burma Myanmar .Photos are so beautiful She is beautiful and sexy . Moe Hay Ko looks really adorable and cute in her photo shoots. She have perfect sexy figure .She is very popular model and actress.


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