Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pakistan is a non declared Islamic country where Islamic fundamentalists are found every where .There for the fields of modeling and fashion designing are relatively new in Pakistan. Earlier ramp and still modeling were done on very small scale.The models were mostly T.V and film actresses. This trend changed drastically in the late 80’s when smart boys and girls from educated families took up modeling as a serious profession. Since then there has been no turning back and every month year rather every month new faces emerge on the fashion scene. Pakistani models are well groomed. They are bold and confident. They have both pose and poise. The models gracefully carry themselves on the ramp and in still modeling are at par with the international models. They have represented Pakistan in many international fashion shows.Asian Models Faces has carried out a survey online and offline too.The Asian Models Faces survey report is given bellow :- If any any individual(s) or organization(s) having any disgrace or opinion conflict kindly contact  ADMIN . We will try to solve that as soon as possible. 
1. Vaneeza Ahmed:-Actress Cum Model Rankd #1

2. Iraj Manzoor:- Actress Cum TV Presenter Ranked #2

3. Nadia Hussain:- Super model cum actress RANKED # 3

4. Cybil Chaudry:- Actress Cum super model RANKED #4

5. Sunita Marshall:- Actress cum Super model RANKED #5

6. Iman Ali:- Actress cum TV Presenter RANKED #6

7. Amna Haq:- Super model RANKED # 7

8. Meekal  Kitty :- Super model cum Actress RANKED # 8

9.Veena Malik :-Actress Cum Model RANKED #9

10.Mehryn Syed:-Actress cum super model RANKED # 10.

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