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Vaneeza Ahmed Ali who is also known as Vinny was born on 29 June 1971 in Murree, Pakistan.Her parents went to Germany when she was very early age and there she got her primary education.he was to return to Pakistan at the age of 18 to study further medicine but her plans were thwarted by a lack of high school physics and she decided to rather attend Kinnaird College in Lahore and has got her bachelor's degree in psychology.Vaneeza Ahmed's height 5' 6'' , weight 52 kg and her viatal is 35 X 25 X 36.
Vaneeza Ahmed was started her carrier as a model with most respected Pakistani fashion designer Nilofer Shahid with whom she did her first shoot, and photographer Khawar Riaz.She is a close friend of the makeup duo Athar and Shahzad, as well as designer Umar Sayeed and often speaks favourably about them in the press.
Vaneeza Ahmed was unsure of which career to pursue and settled for fashion modelling. Her initial walks at fashion shows led fashion critics to praise her elegance on the cat-walk. In dealings with corporate heads of the entertainment industry, her business acumen was similarly praised.But lastly she has entered this entertainment world.
Vaneeza Ahmed has working in this field over fifteen years in the fashion industry her business etiquette has helped her to survive her chosen career. In a country where women are not expected to be make smart and calculated decisions in business matters of monetary concerns,Vaneeza always stayed with the career for the sake of money. With her peer Iraj Mansoor, Vaneeza is described as having ‘amassed a veritable fortune via straight-shooting endorsement deals and sensible choices’ within a decade and a half.
Vaneeza Ahmed divides her time between Europe and Pakistan, on projects from fashion shoots and shows to filming drama serials and television programs. She is currently making her travelogues around the world for cable TV.Ahmad also recently signed on as brand ambassador for Lux's new variant Aqua Sparkle and brand ambassador for Mobilink's premier Indigo.
Vaneeza Ahmed has made her acting debut in Jamal Shah's controversial saga Kal and has since acted in Marina Khan's Tum Hi Tau Ho, Janey Anjaneyand Tum Say Mil Ker; Armaan; and Talaash. Most famous role to come her way was that of the founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah's daughter Dina Wadia in Jamil Dehlavi's 1998 biopic of the leader titled Jinnah.
Vaneeza Ahmad's others works :- She was selected as one of the Olympic torch bearers when the torch arrived in Islamabad. Sponsored bySamsung, she was one of the few selected celebrities to hold the torch in the relay out of the chosen 66.She is sponsoring a orphanage in Lahore that is a big contribution to the society.
Vaneeza Ahmed has conjured a brand name Vlawn for her range of lawn and the branding created a hype among the fashion conscious public. The collection consisted of nine different lawn prints created by designers that included Nomi Ansari, Umar Sayeed and Hassan Sheheryar Yasin. In March 2006, the collection sold-out in a series of exhibitions and since then has acquired great acclaim.
Vaneeza Ahmed's new collection is not limited to lawn clothings but also features chiffon, raw silk, and khaadi wear. With her initial exhibitions in Lahore and Islamabad already a success in April 2008, she planned to launch fashion shows to promote her brand under the name for which she was supported by many Pakistani designers including new comers and elder gurus.
Vaneeza Ahmed is the girl that everybody who matters knows and everybody else knows of and yet she is also the girl nobody can put a finger on. Vaneeza Ahmed, model, actress, entrepreneur, TV person, is a one-woman juggernaut who has the ability to constantly surprise, tanatalise and yes, catch people off guard. And it is this incredible ability of hers that she has used to carve a niche for herself in an industry which is notorious for being a place where models do not survive they mostly retire to become wives and mothers and/or shift gears altogether and go for another career. To have made a career out of modeling and acting is something that few achieve and make it last.
Vaneeza Ahmed has got married on 27th. July, 2010 to well known businessman, Ali Afzal Malik.Her marriage is a living saga of love story in real life.She had known him 15 years ago when they both lived in Lahore and has always expressed that he had always been the one true love of her life and had left her heartbroken when he left in 1997 to go to the United states. She rejected many proposals of marriage, in hope of her one true love. He returned in 2009 and the two corresponded for a couple of months and then finally met again. The rest is a tale of true love prevailing. The couple had a very intimate and simple wedding in Lahore and the couple is known to be completely enthralled by each other. In an interview to Womens Own magazine (October2010) she has said that "we are soul mates, made for each other."(source:Hot Asian)
Vaneeza Ahmed has earned a reputation of being the most famous and sought-after female model and celebrity in Pakistan. She is also considered most successful and best female model of all time.
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