Friday, December 10, 2010

Tiara Lastari was born on 10th October 1980 in Solo,Jakarta, Indonesia.Her parents are Lebanese decent who settle in Indonesia.Her education has started in Home town Jakarta but she can not completed it . Tiara Lastari's height 5' 5'' , weight 51 kg and vital 34 X26 X35.

Tiara Lastari's journey as a model has taken Tiara Lestari to the cover of Playboy in a far away land and right in the center of a national controversy.
Tiara Lastari is the only Indonesian woman who post nude for FHM and Playboy sure caused a stir back in 2005.
There were protest and even threats to her personal safety because she defies the very strong Islamic country. Tiara Lastari ran away to Singapore and stayed there for a couple of years while waiting for the dust to settle.
Tiara Lestari understand that life itself is full of surprises that neither reason, nor logic can comprehend. It certainly has been a journey filled with joy and turbulence. It is a journey from sensuality to elegance. Welcome to her life.It plunged her into depth of humility without prejudice or guilt. It guides Tiara Lestari to see through changes, places and faces.
Tiara Lastari is also known as Ayu by her near and dear as so far.Tiara Lestari is such a sexy actress. Her dark skin is so perfect when matched with bright color lingeries and underwears.
Tiara Lastari also has perfect shape natural breast that will look just perfect in any bras. Too bad she is now retired from make a sexy shoot, so this pics of her in lingerie might just be the last one from her.
Tiara Lastari managed to appeared for the cover of Palyboy magazine Spanish edition. It made a huge controversy in her homeland, Indonesia, because nudity is very prohibited in there.
Tiara Lastari met with Adam Yurman, USA photographers who specialized in taking photos of sexy models in nude pose. With Adam, Tiara made her international breakthrough in Thailand and Holland edition of Penthouse.

Tiara Lastari is back home to Indonesia and all seems well now. Shows that time does heal everything. married in 2006 and have a baby a year later, she has left behind her modeling career.
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