Monday, December 27, 2010

Fathima Kulsum Zohar Godabari was born 22th October 1986 in Chennai India(place is not confirmed from reliable source).Princess Fatimah Kulsum belongs to Saudi Arabia Royal family.Fathima Kulsum is the highest educated queen of the Islamic world as Princess has recently done MBA from UK.
Her Hines Fatimah is running so many welfare centers and charities for the welfare of arab women. Princess wants to do something fruitful for the women of arab world. According to Princess Fatimah we should always be armed with information concerning women’s issues like violence and share it with others. 
Fathima Kulsum the super beautiful girl is said to be the current queen of Saudi Arabia married to Sheik Awadi Al Muhammad.
Fathima Kulsum has Kept in mind that while violence may consists of physical contact, threats and verbal abuse, it also includes emotional and psychological stains. Hence, you can take a step further by joining women’s groups as a proper way of addressing the issue of violence, encourage women to cut the cycle of fearful silence, and cut the cycle of violence in the long run.
Fathima Kulsum is beautiful there is no doubt about it and the Arabian would like to praise god for the different type of manufacturing of beauty.
Fathima Kulsum's view about the country as a Queen "Saudi Arabia is a country in transition, slowly but steadily changing from within and increasingly flexing its muscle and influence regionally. The country has entered the new century as a pivotal regional power. As the birthplace of Islam, it remains a powerful moral leader of the Muslim world, particularly the Arab arena. Its response to domestic terrorism has shown that the monarchy has the drive to confront destabilizing elements within its borders and the increasing value of its oil has provided financial and political security at home."
Fathima Kulsum is not known to a lots about her on the internet except these few pictures. It is heard that Sheik is a fond of playing chess with her all the time.
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