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Alexandra Thidavanh Bounxouei who is popularly known as Alexandra Bounxouei was born on 28th May 1987 in Bulgaria.Her father is a musician from Lao Republic and her mother is a Bulgarian citizen and both her parents graduated from the Music Academy in Bulgaria and both work for the Ministry of Information and Culture in Laos.She is also the grand-daughter of Mr. Bounthamaly Bounxouei, the reknown Lao songwriter who wrote many famous Lao classics, such as The Rose of Pakse"Kou Lap Pakse".She has completed B.A from Lao-American College and now she's doing her Master in Japan in Media Design 2,5 yrs since April 1st, 2008.She has only sibling who is elder sister.Alexandra Bounxouei's height 5' 4'' ,weight 50 kg and vital 35 X 26 X 36.
Alexandra Bounxouei's debut album is titled, "Dream" which was produced by Lao Art Media. The album was released when when she was only sixteen years old. On the day her album was in fact released, she truly believed that she was living a dream, because all through out her life, she aspired to one day become asinger. The trusted source of news and information site (Voice of America) claimed her as being the "New phenomenon in the entertainment scene in Laos.
Alexandra Bounxouei has been described in the website, says this about Laos' jewel:"The most well known, young, beautiful, poignant, articulated, talented diplomat of Laos is Alexandra Bounxouei. She has toured across continents - Europe, America, and Asia – Laos, Thailand, Korea, Japan, China [while] representing her country as well as herself [while] performing her music. Thus she puts her country on the world map [and] people are noticing."
Alexandra Bounxouei is an all-around musician as she can also play piano, guitar, and in the majority of her songs, she plays violin; she usually does her own solos. She’s also known to write her own songs too. Alexandra also starred in a Thai television comedy series titled, Pleng Ruk Rim Fung Khong, in which she is the lead female in the show and Weir Sukollawat Kanarot, a Thai actor and singer is her male counterpart. A few of her songs and videos are posted here, titled, Bor Luem Sun Ya and Bor Hoo Pen Yung. I've posted two versions of Bor Luem Sun Ya: One live and one that was made into a video.
Alexandra Bounxouei has released her second album, titled Luem Saa "Forget It", in early 2006, and first performed in Laos in 2002 to wide acclaim, and she has now performed worldwide.
Alexandra Bounxouei has traveled throughout the world not only to tour, but also to raise money for children back in her native Laos. Even now with Laos' growing popularity, it's still considered a very poor country and is in much need. She gives back just as much as she receives. Alexandra wholeheartedly believes in her cause and so continues to raise money for it--no wonder she is loved by millions. She's relentless in her charity.
Alexandra Bounxouei can speak Lao, Thai, English, Japanese and Bulgarian very fluently as her carrier wants.
Alexandra Bounxouei has appeared in many magazines cover pages either her home country or aboard specially in Europe. Her maximum Ads campaigns are charity shows.
Alexandra Bounxouei has grew up in a very musically talented family. She began to take piano, violin, and singing lessons at an early age. As a gifted musician, she can play violin, piano, guitar and xylophone.
Alexandra Bounxouei although with all of her fame and fortune, she still considers herself "confident but shy." She still holds true to herself and tries to live a normal life. Alexandra's hobbies include dancing, skating, swimming, reading mysteries, shopping, watching TV and listening to music of all genres, including and not up to classical music, namely Vivaldi and Mozart. Her message to her fans is, “Do what satisfies you and do it your best.”
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