Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ong Ai Leng was born on 2nd November 1978 in Langkawi, Malaysia.Her parents are both Chinese origin Malaysian.She has completed her primary education in her home town .Later her family has settled in Kulalampur and she has got admitted in college there as business student who majored in commerce but she can n't completed it.Ong Ai Leng's height is 5' 6'' , weight 47 kg and vital status is 33 X 24 X 35.
Ong Ai Leng has decided that modelling was just the thing for her in 2000. It was a wise decision, as she soon found herself a popular choice with big clients like Nivea, Marie France and L'Oreal Hair Colour, just to name a few.
Ong Ai Leng's has career got a lift recently. It has nothing to do with TV, though. The 31-year-old is one of the two celebrity spokespersons (the other being fellow actress Priscelia Chan) for a beauty salon chain's bust enhancement treatment.
Ong Ai Leng hasn't appeared on TV much lately (her last drama was the Singapore-Malaysian co-production Romantic Delicacies, which aired here in August-2004) and her newest drama The Best Things in Life will debut only in March next year, the Malaysian-born lass says she already "gets recognized more often nowadays. Maybe it has something to with this ad campaign."
Ong Ai Leng's hearty guffaws and toothsome smiles weren't the overt embarrassment or annoying enthusiasm one would have expected when questioned about the whole bosom beautifying thing. "I didn't mind trying this [treatment] out. It didn't require surgery," she quips noncommittally. [source:Ong Ai Leng ]
Ong Ai Leng to enter the televsion arena next. Her acting debut was in the highly-rated drama Homecoming in Malaysia. Though it was just her virgin attempt, Ai Leng made sure her efforts shone through. It wasn't long after when she was specially invited to join Channel U in 2004. With nary an ounce of arrogance in her, Ai Leng looks set to go far.
Ong Ai Leng's filmography list as such Home Coming (2002),2046 (2003),Redness of Seventh Month (2004),Perfect Woman (2004),Changing Lane (2004),A Life of Hope (2005),Love Concierge (2005),Life Line (2005),C.I.D.[disambiguation needed] (2006),Rhapsody in Blue (2006),Family Matters (2006),The Undisclosed (2006),An Enchanted Life (2006),Live Again (2007),The Homecoming (2007),Life Line II (2007),Honour and Passion (2007),Metamorphosis (2007),The Golden Path (Very minor role,appeared in 2 episodes with very little screen time) (2007),Addicted To Love (2008),Just in Singapore (2008),By My Side (2008),Romantic Delicacies (2009),My Kampong Days (2009),Unriddle (2010) etc.
Ong Ai Leng's love for bikinis may have had a part to play in inking the deal as she has stated in an interview "When you see girls who are well-endowed wearing bikinis, you naturally imagine what it'll be like if your chest was like that."
Ong Ai Leng has selected one of the most beautiful woman in 100 list.She is also selected year model girl of Maxim magazine in 2005.
Ong Ai Leng shares with us about her long-distance relationship with her Canadian boyfriend.[Source:Ong Ai Leng romance & dating].Actually she is a very little saying model of nature.
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