Friday, January 7, 2011

Shazia Ali who is popularly known as Shazia Deen was born on 17th July 1988 in New Delhi,India.Her parents both are doctors and they moved to USA when she was only three.Her schooling was started home town California,USA where her family had settled.She has been studying acting in Los Angeles for 4 years and perused the graduation in TV & motion pictures.She has also studied Ayurvedic Medicine and has got 3 years Diploma from Indian System of Medicine. She has two siblings and both are younger brothers.Shazia Deen's height is 5' 3'' , weight 50 kg and vital status 34 X 24 X 35.
Shazia Deen has entered every talent contest and she came across. In high school she was in performing arts and was voted Class Clown of her senior class.
Shazia Deen had been approached by talent and model agencies since she was 14, but waited until she was 18 to pursue this aspect of her career in respect of her mother's wishes.
Shazia Deen has gone on to make 15 national commercials and Ad campaigns for such major companies as Skechers, Kodak, Nike, Hanes, Payless, Diet Coke etc.
Shazia Deen has acted many movies like such as Mixing karma,Munsh,The hot chick,The grind,The real deal,Certainly not a fairytale etc.
Shazia Deen has appeared in TV screen in many series such as Adventure of big handsome guy,The loop,VIP,The andy dick show,x show ,beat cops etc.
Shazia Deen has played Miriam In the television Pilot "Lefty" for CBS in 2002, The pilot did not get picked up, but her work was powerful.
Shazia Deen went to network at FOX to test for a series regular on the show Beat Cops. The network execs felt she handled the room like a pro and demanded all eyes on her performance.
Shazia Deen's all modeling and acting works are seen her own established agency WILHELMINA MODELS,(7257 Beverly building,LA,California,USA).(
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