Monday, February 7, 2011

Shyashree Saikia was born 15th October 1991 in Jorhat ,Assam ,India.Her father is an Electric engineer and her mother is a house maker.She has got her primary education in home town and later Cotton college Guwahti,Assam.She is doing her graduation major in English literature.She has only two  siblings and both are younger brothers.Shyashree Saikia's height is 5'5'', weight 51 kg and vital status is 33 X 24 X 34.
Shyashree Saikia has started her carrier as kid model in school and then local trade fares model as non professional basis .
Shyashree Saikia was discovered by the Top model and choreographer of the North East India Noyonika Chatterjee in 2009.Shyashree has labelled Noyonika as her Godmother of modeling.
Shyashree Saikia has come lime light who proved the better of models from all over the country to clinch the runners-up trophy in the Dabur Gulabari Sananda Tilottama Beauty Contest 2009.
Shyashree Saikia has Scratched that surface and out come fiery girl who has fought against her share of odds and prejudices to take that small step out of their hometowns and strut into the big bad world of glamour.
Shyashree Saikia has stated in an interview with Ayushman Dutta "My mother was dead against modelling. And so was my grandmother. I enrolled for a small beauty contest in Guwahati and won it. Things have been better since then. I get a little more liberty. Now my mother tells me not to care about what people say. She stands rock solid beside me,” says Shyashree, sitting pretty in a pink strappy number in an evening of her staying Hostel.
Shyashree Saikia was asked by Ayushman about her height is not very tall, how far do she see herrself in the field of modelling and then she replied as such "Height is of course a factor but I believe that if you are confident about your own abilities and are able to carry yourself well, I don’t see any reason why you cannot emerge successful. Height is important but it is not the only factor. I don’t know where life will take me but I want to see myself at the top. I want to see myself in hoardings, banners and television screens all over the country."She added.
Shyashree Saikia has remembered the real story of all those feminists who burnt bras and girdles and crowned a lamb outside the venue of the Miss America contest, here’s a thought stilettos and lipstick are perhaps not necessarily detrimental to women’s lib when she refused to do swimsuit round such beauty contest.
Shyashree Saikia has won many local beauty contests such as Miss North East,Miss Assam, Miss Jorhat etc but her aim to win Miss India in future.[]
Shyashree Saikia is a very normal and ambitious model who wants to complete her graduations. After that, she would love to do modeling and acting but not in Assam somewhere else.Shyashree Saikia's private life data such as boyfriend,night life ,romance etc are not available at this moment.
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