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Ayumi Hamasaki who is also known as Ayu was born on 2nd October 1978 in Fukuoka,Japan.She was raised as an only child by her mother and grandmother. Her father had left the family when she was three and never again came into contact with her.She has got primary education in home and later learn a few in Tokyo about fashion and modeling.Ayumi Hamasaki's height is 5'5'',weight 52 kg and vital status is 33 X 24 X 34.
Ayumi Hamasaki has started her carrier at the age of 7 to financial help to her family.she was around fourteen years old, when her family has sifted to Tokyo and she has started ti search modeling and acting. However, she was deemed too short to be a model and could not find much success with the movies she was cast in. She was eventually dropped by her talent agency.
Ayumi Hamasaki has made her debut under Avex on April 8, 1998 with the single "Poker Face". It and the following four singles—were not major hits. Hamasaki's debut album, A Song for ×× (1999), was likewise "unassuming":the tracks, composed by Yasuhiko Hoshino, Akio Togashi (of Da Pump), and Mitsuru Igarashi (of Every Little Thing), were "cautious" pop-rock songs.However, Hamasaki's lyrics, introspective observations about her feelings and experiences that focused on loneliness and individualism, resonated with the Japanese public.The songs gained Hamasaki a growing following, and the release of the album was a success: it topped the Oricon charts for five weeks and sold over a million copies.For her achievements, she earned a Japan Gold Disc Award for "Best New Artist of the Year"
Ayumi Hamasaki has released the "Trilogy", a series of singles consisting of "Vogue", "Far Away", and "Seasons". The lyrics of these songs focused on hopelessness, a reflection of Hamasaki's disappointment that she had not expressed herself thoroughly in any of her previous lyrics and a sense of shame of her public image.
Ayumi Hamasaki has released three singles, "&", "Forgiveness", and "No Way to Say". To celebrate the release of her thirtieth single ("Forgiveness"), Hamasaki held the A Museum concert at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium.Her mini-album Memorial Address (December 2003) was her first album to be released in CD+DVD format in addition to the regular CD-only format, a decision that came from her increased interest in the direction of her music videos.Like her previous albums,Memorial Address topped the Oricon chart and sold over a million copies.Sales of Hamasaki's singles began to wane. Although all three of the album's singles topped the Oricon charts, "&" was Hamasaki's last single to sell over 500,000 copies.
Ayumi Hamasaki's first single of 2006, "Startin'", became Hamasaki's twenty-sixth number-one single, setting a new record for most number-one singles held by a solo female artist.The subsequent studio album, Secret, was released in November 2006. "Secrets" was, appropriately, the theme of the album; the album also explored strong female figures, love, and sadness; songs depicted the artist's struggles and were written to encourage females.
Ayumi Hamasaki lacked talents such as the dance moves of Namie Amuro, the "supermodel allure" of Hitomi, and the "vocal pyrotechnics" of Hikaru Utada. Her own fans even considered her high-pitched voice screechy as the Time magazine has wrote in its special tribute to Ayumi Hamasaki.She is also the first Japanese artist to have her first original eight studio albums top the Oricon charts, as well as the Japanese female artist with the most number-one singles, most Top 10 singles, highest singles sales, and most million-seller singles (this record for most million-seller singles is shared with band Pink Lady and fellow J-pop singers Namie Amuro and Hikaru Utada.
Ayumi Hamasaki's TeamAyu blog has noted On January 4, 2008 that she has became completely deaf in her left ear and that is no longer operable. The cause of this may possibly be tinnitus or Meniere's Disease as she was diagnosed with this in 2006. Nevertheless, she decided to continue singing despite Avex experiencing a 13 Yen decrease in their stock prices.
Ayumi Hamasaki is self defined "merchandise empire" and she is a strong supporter of PETA.She has been appeared several times in public as PETA model either in Japan or aboard.
Ayumi Hamasaki was various world famous brand's spoke model such as Spokesmodel of AUBE cosmetics,Spokesmodel of HONDA,Spokesmodel of KOSE cosmetics, Spokesmodel of Lycos Japan,Spokesmodel of MORIGANA (food company),Spokesmodel of Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic,Spokesmodel of TU-KA handsets,Started modeling since age 7,Was the first artist to have 4 singles on the Japan top 10 charts simultaneously and she has won many awards such as MTV Asia's Best Female Artist Award (2002),Female artist in Japan with the most units of singles sold: 17.4 million copies to date.[source:official site Ayumi Hamasaki]
Ayumi Hamasaki has dated singer-actor Tomoya Nagase since her brief acting career, and they publicly announced their relationship in 2001.Six years later, the media circulated rumors that the couple were about to get married; however, on July 13, 2007 Hamasaki announced that they had broken up. Though Hamasaki did not explain the reason for the split, she stated that they had parted amicably and the two remained friends.Hamasaki announced her upcoming marriage to Austrian actor and model Manuel Schwarz, whom Hamasaki met in August 2010 on the set of her music video "Virgin Road". On January 2, her office announced that she and Schwarz had gotten married in the United States the day before on 1st January 2011.
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