Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Zhou Weitong who is popularly known as Cica Zhou was born on 26th August 1982 in Gui Zhou province , China.Her parents both are college teachers.She started her education in home town and later she has got admitted in famous Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology .She has completed her graduation in 2000.She is the only child of her parents as Chinese Rule. Cica Zhou's height is 5'9'', weight 54 kg and vital status is 34 X 24 X 36.
Cica Zhou has started her carrier as an athlete before becoming a model and winning the 6th Annual China National Model competition in 2000. She’s currently rated as one of China’s top 10 supermodels, and is by far the curviest of the bunch.
Cica Zhou is the China Top Ten professional fashion model during 2000-2005 continuously.As she has appeared almost all the magazines cover pages in main land China .When she has attend in Hongkong ramp as far her fame is celebrated to the world as a model.
Cica Zhou is being selected to the top 10 of anything feels good, models & modeling in China. Now multiply that feel-good buzz by about a billion times and you might have an idea on what Cica Zhou felt like. She was selected one of the top 10 models in China and that’s no small feat. Incidentally, the Chinese people all over the world are celebrating their Lunar New Year and have selected her as their feel good factor.
Cica Zhou has released her two photo album such as named 'Loving Cica' and 'Half wear Cica' which were stormed the Chinese modeling industry.
Cica Zhou in Video Game titled to promote Cica’s Fantasy World for her upcoming video game version.She is creating more video game version for international release as her manager said.
Cica Zhou has appeared all most more ramp shows in main land China as well as Hongkong too.She is also appeared major wear shows in China.
Cica Zhou has appeared in FHM magazines Cover page as one of the most beautiful woman of the world. The FHM has ranked her #23,#19, and #47 continuously three years.
Cica Zhou has replied bellow when our reporter asked few questions during a shooting break.(the interview is edited by the ADMIN for summarized only).
Interests: swimming, singing, readingPersonality: lively, outgoing
Described his own words:
Life motto: We must continue to set goals and the pursuit of goals
The most memorable thing: hear the host announce his award-winning
The most respected person: a teacher
Favorite Model: Cindy
Favorite Occupation: Model
Favorite Cosmetics: Juvena
Favorite clothes: Casual
The most commonly used fragrance: light-type
Favorite animal: Dog
Favorite food: fruit, melon seeds
Favorite color: blue, red, black
Favorite hairstyle: straight hair, a long paragraph
Favorite Sports: Swimming
Favorite season: Summer
Favorite city: Shanghai
Favorite holiday: Christmas
Health Tip: Diet laws, adequate sleep
Cica Zhou has planned to start a fashion & modeling institute which can promote and train the young models not only from China but also around the world.
Cica Zhou's private life data such as boyfriend,night life,living together , romance,dating etc are not permitted to publish now.
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