Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nelsonone Hobbsy Nakas who is popularly know as Nakadia was born on 15th July 1988 in Isaan, Thailand.Her father was a farmer and her mother was father's helper.She has completed her primary education at her native village.She has attended graduate school but not completed. Nakadia's height is 5'4'',weight 49 kg and vital status 34 X 25 X 35.
Nakadia has started her carrier from their cultivated field as farmer's daughter in Thailand's poor Isaan province, nobody would expect that this cute little girl would change the music scene of her country, as she certainly did.
Nakadia has started in 2003 until now, her development as a DJ has been as unique as it gets. She bought turntables and started practicing with a very limited amount of music.
Nakadia has already finished her first a few days of practice she found out that the music she had bought was not the music she was looking for. Over the years she worked her way through various styles and genres, until she found herself in deep house, tech-house and minimal influenced techno. Deejays at the beginning of their career usually follow their idols or have experienced modern music for many years.
Nakadia's modesty and humble nature would leave most in disbelief that she has played over 600 events in more than 300 clubs across 52 countries during the last 8 years. From major events like “Sonne Mond und Sterne” or “Loveparade” in Germany, the famous Thai “Fullmoon party” or “Queensday” in Amsterdam - or club gigs like “Cafe d‟Anvers” in Antwerp (Belgium), „Sugar Factory‟ in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), ‟Blue Frog‟ in Mumbai (India) or “Ritual” in Sardinia (Italy) – the little girl from Thailand has always managed to surprise everybody and in the most positive way.
Nakadia is having experienced all kinds of crowds and dance floors of the world, Nakadia has the ability to read the room and work the floor in the most captivating way. Her musical and technical qualities behind the decks are complimented by Nakadia's vibrant personality and strong stage presence. Only very few artists have the ability to change the room they enter. Nakadia is one of these personalities that electrify her surroundings, as she is spreading out her good mood wherever she appears.
Nakadia was completely without influence from any source. She bought her record just by ear, not by producer, label or style. This different and open-minded approach has made her the unique artist she is today, respected by all who witnessed her performances and made her into the most booked tech house DJ of Asia.
Nakadia has performed as only deejay at the closing ceremonies of the World Cup Football at Berlin Olympic stadium in 2006 and later would accomplish every deejays dream by playing Love Parade to over a million people. But all these achievements are only just part of a perfect start into Nakadias deejay career. At this stage another exhausting tour schedule is ahead, as she is in constant demand by those who have had the opportunity to see her spin.she has played over 300 events in more than 200 clubs, while racking up air miles across 35 countries over the past 8 years.
Nakadia has established herself as the most successful deejay coming out of South East Asia and is one of the few female top deejays non stop touring the world. Her vibrant deejay skills, the party only atmosphere she brings into the clubs, her natural charm and beauty has captivated the party elite on all corners of the globe.
Nakadia has appeared almost all major magazies cover pages of Europe and Asia . She has been seen many ramp shows in Europe and Asia.Her major ads campaigns are Nokia, Samsung , Sunsui ,fort motors etc.Latest she has been see in Italian DJ magazine Diso ID with her record reviews and in the UDG advertising campaign.
Nakadia is now partly living in Berlin (Germany) for 9 months a year. she is flying out almost daily to every corner of the planet. Nakadia has achieved more than anyone could envision.Nakadia's private life such as boyfriend,romance,dating is not available at this moment.
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