Sunday, February 27, 2011

Elaine Dinapoli was born on 13th February 1973 in Paso Robles, California, United States.Her father Captain Edmond Dinapoli is an Italian Merchant and her mother Victoria Huggu was a Filipino but both her parents are USA citizen.She has got her education from Mrquie ministry of missioneries school and later she has graduated from Sail university.She has three siblings and all are elder sisters.Elaine Dinapoli's current vital statistics are such as height 5'1'',weight 54kg and 34 X 29 X 36.
Elaine Dinapoli has started her carrier at the age of 9 as a school kid fashion show but fully non professionally.Later she was discovered by a modeling agent in her high school Annual function.
Elaine Dinapoli has been appeared many national and international ramp shows like AV models guide,Narrow to broad mind,Hi fi AV and many more.
Elaine Dinapoli has acted few home made video series such as Eurasian heat,Eurasian Samble , Erasian Mind,Black Eurasian and more.
Elaine Dinapoli has appeared in ready to wear such as Autum of Eurasian-2005,Winter black Eurasian ,Mind blowing Eurasian-2007,Black & white spring of Eurasian etc.
Elaine Dinapoli has appeared many ads campings such as Jack shipping,Alter managements,Hara bra,Coffee nice, and many more.
Elaine Dinapoli has said to our representative that she will open a production company to record and distribute the home made low budget VCD movies and short movies with in 2012.
Elaine Dinapoli is the brand ambassador cum Manager of the shipping company Jacobsen & Jones Shipping which deals shipping goods to internationally.It is also heard that she will be made one of the director of that company as she will invest 30 % share of the company.
Elaine Dinapoli has stated inan interview with AMF when it was asked about life and passion she laughed "I still enjoy having fun with others and my hubby Rich doesn't mind that at all as it is my passion" she added.
Elaine Dinapoli has been seen with many persons as such as Allan wicky,Dimmy wolk,Hurber Milk,Kalki Beita and many more.She has admired that she has deep relation with more persons excluding her haer present husband.She has married Tim Berther a shipping company manager in 2005 and the couple has 2 children and both are boys.
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  1. I wish you had picked better photos of me. I have much better ones if you want them ...Elaine


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