Monday, February 14, 2011

Kanami Kawaguchi was born on 14th August 1985 in Manhattan,USA.Her father is a Japanese decent engineer While her mother is a British origin Canadian.She has started her schooling in born town later her study was continuing in Canada but finally it is finished in Boston university with major in eco business management.She has only one sibling as her younger brother.Kanami Kawaguchi's height is 5'6'', weight 51 kg and vital status is 33 X 24 X 34.
Kanami Kawaguchi has started her carrier as kid model at the age of 9 years in her own school annual function where she was discovered by a famous Japanese photographer Okatuwa.
Kanami Kawaguchi attributes much of her success to her curiosity and willingness to push her boundaries, such as arriving in New York to compete with thousands of other models from around the world and make a name for herself in the last decade.
Kanami Kawaguchi has appeared few Canadian & USA magazines cover pages but she is been seen almost all major magazines cover pages in Japan.
Kanami Kawaguchi has appeared in Ready to wear spring-2009,Ready to Autumn pair-2009,Man to fall night-2011 etc
Kanami Kawaguchi has come lime light with her home made chocolate.she has an unusual zest for chocolate, despite being allergic to it as she has named it as Kanami chocolate.
Kanami Kawaguchi has explained during a recent interview "Making chocolate right now means making many people happy, as well as making myself happy, and it is a cure and exciting for me and above all, it is becoming a part of my life,” [source:Kanami choco]. It is heard that her Kanami Chocolate has created a great market in this Valentine day offer time in USA as it is commercial manufactures  by a USA based chocolate company. 
Kanami Kawaguchi has become a well known model cum celebrity for her invention of Kanami chocolate.Kanami Kawaguchi's private life data such as boyfriend,night life,dating,romance,living together are not available in our data base at this moment.
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