Friday, February 4, 2011

Jen Chia-Hsuan who is popularly known as Selina Jen was born on 31th October 1981 in Taipei ,Taiwan.Her father Jen Ming-ting is a business man and her mother is a school teacher.She has graduated from the National Taiwan Normal University with a Bachelor of Education degree, majoring in Civic Education and Leadership.She has only one siblings as a sister Kimi Jen.Selina Jen's height is 5'4'' ,weight 47 kg and vital status 33 X 25 X 35 (before accident).
Selina Jen has started her carrier with HIM International Music who was held a 'Universal 2000 Talent and Beauty Girl Contest' in search for new artists to be signed under their label.She was the winner of that competition and signed with HIM.
Selina Jen's voice earned her duets with Tank, a soloist on HIM's roster (Solo Love Song), as well as Leehom Wang ( You Are The Song Inside My Heart). The collaboration with Lee-Hom was so successful.
Selina Jen has formed a brand of singing girl group named as SHE in 2005 for better performance and opportunistic creditable to Taiwanese singers.
Selina Jen has appeared major national magazines cover pages and a few international cover pages too such as Elle Elle,Baazar,etc.

Selina Jen has come more lime light to the world in 22nd October 2010 when she was injured during an indoor shooting for a TV series called "I have a date with Spring" along with her co- star Yu Haoming.
Selina Jen has suffered third degree burns on 54% of her body, mostly her back and legs.News of Selina’s accident in Shanghai left her fans in utter shock and shook up the entertainment industry over the lack of safety measures for actors.
Selina Jen’s record company has said it was in talks with the shooting team and a local TV station over the cause of the incident and compensation.
Selina Jen is out of hospital now, but her battle with her wounds and emotions isn't over.A few lines from her microblog "While watching highlights from a S.H.E concert, the popstar who was badly burnt in an on-set accident broke down.I used to be the most fortunate person in the world , Yesterday, [I was] watching S.H.E is the One concert highlights. When I saw the old me, I realised, no matter how optimistic I am, what I've lost would never come back. My tears fell. Richard (Selina's fiance) held me in his arms and asked me what was wrong. I cried and said, "I used to be the most fortunate person in the world.Richard patted my back and said, "You are still the most fortunate person now! Furthermore, you are someone special. I shouted, "I just want to be an ordinary woman, who marries and has children. He rubbed my head and said, "You still can get married and have children now. God is making your life more meaningful."Five minutes later, my face finally left Richard's tear-stained shoulders. With a pair of frog-like eyes, I walked slowly to the door and put my shoes on to work out. I wiped my tears and told myself at the same time, "I'm going to work harder at my therapy sessions. Richard, one day, I'll be your most fortunate, most special bride", Selina wrote. [SOURCE: Xinmsn]
Selina Jen was dating with Lee-Hom as it was rumored but Selina held a press conference to clear up the misunderstanding, as well as the rumour that Selina received a car from Huang Zi Jiao . Selina has admitted to the media that lawyer Richard Chong was her boyfriend. It was announced that the couple will marry in April 2011 which is declared during a concert at the Taipei Arena on 29 May 2010.According to her father who stated to the paper Taipeitimes that their marriage will held in due time as Selina has recovering now.
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