Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Vida Samadzai was born on 22nd February 1978 in Kabul, Afghanistan.Her Father is an ethnic Pashtun who was Kabul University professor and her mother was as aid Afghan official of UNICEF in Kabul.She has done her primary and secondary education in Kabul and later She was a student at California State University, Fullerton and has a double major in Advertising and Speech Communications as her family residing in Fullerton,USA as Afghan decent.Vida Samadzai's height is 5'6'' , weight 51 kg and vital status is 35 X 25 X 36.
Vida Samadzai has started her modeling carrier at age of 17 when she was travelling to Pakistan in her relatives homeland.
Vida Samadzai is the first Afghan woman to participate in an international beauty pageant since 1974, her appearance in a red bikini in the 2003 edition of Miss Earth pageant created controversy in her native country.Samadzai said her participation in the contest sent out a powerful message to her fellow countrywomen.
Vida Samadzai's participation in the Miss Earth beauty pageant in 2003 was condemned by the Afghan Supreme Court, saying such a display of the female body goes against Islamic law and Afghan culture. In particular, traditionalists objected to her appearance in a red bikini during the pageant's press presentation. She was given a special "Beauty for a Cause" award at that year's Miss Earth competition
Vida Samadzai's in a radical departure from the conservative image of Afghan women she paraded in a red bikini down a catwalk last year to qualify for the contest. She failed to make it to the semifinals but won a special "beauty for a cause" award, largely for her women's rights work. Afghan officials, however, said she betrayed Afghan culture by appearing in the beauty contest and warned she could face prosecution if she returned to her native country.
Vida Samadzai has stayed mainly in the United States, where she became involved with fund-raising activities and was often invited on talk shows.Her participation in the beauty contest can be considered to be a sharp contrast to the beliefs of the former Taliban regime.
Vida Samadzai has represented the United States at Miss Tourism Queen International 2005, where she was named the first Miss Personality in the pageant's history.She has won the Miss America 2005-06 pageant.
Vida Samadzai has appeared many professional ads campaigns to denote the Afghan woman charity and has succeed in her aim.She has been offered by the Bollywood film makers to act their movie as she has arrived Bollywood for fund raising .
Vida Samadzai has been the subject of such a barrage of repeated public attacks that she can no longer return to her own country and now resides in the USA.Despite her struggles she has been approached by both Bollywood and Hollywood film makers to document her experiences.Here we disclose her side of the story and the bitter sweet life that has followed.
Vida Samadzai also helped found a US-based women's charity that seeks to raise awareness of women's rights and education in the Afghanistan.She wants to become a leader and helper for Afghan women whose rights were suppressed for over a decade.
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