Monday, February 14, 2011

FOCUSA2Z.COM is a social networking website belonging to the internet and new media vertical of the FOCUS A-Z Entertainment PRIVATE LIMITED.It claims to be the largest and the fastest growing youth networking site in North East India.Though FOCUSA2Z is not in the same league of popularity as its foreign counterparts like Facebook and many more,it still claims that top 20 cities account for 45% users from within India while 40% of the users come from Tier III cities like Tuticorin, Bhilai,Amritsar,Guwahati,Surat,Nasik. Dataquest, a popular IT journal also featured FOCUSA2Zalong with sites like Bigadda,IndyaRocks & BharatStudent as one of the top 25 web 2.0 start-ups in India. Contents :-
1 FOCUSA2Z features
1.1 Photos
1.2 Blogs
1.3 Music
1.4 Applications
1.5 Group
1.6 Forum
1.7 Free classified ads
1.8 Game Online
platform for users to upload and share unlimited photos for free with friends & family.However,it doesnot offer paid services as Snapfish,Kodakshare,but has similar features like flicker.Blogs The vertical works on the wordpress 2.7 platform,which is one of the most widely used multi-user blog sites.Apart from the regular features available,users can make their posts searchable on the net and can spice up their blogs with various widgets and graphic options available.Other blogs created can also be imported on FOCUSA2Z.Music Online platform for users to upload and share songs with friends and family.Users can also come and listen to a varied range of songs including Hollywood,bollywood,rock,pop,metal and classical,,ibibo,ilike Applications The FOCUSA2Z application platform is OpenSocial v0.8 compliant.There are a few games and a couple of other applications currently online. There is no sandbox open to developers. However there is an email id provided on their website for developers to submit applications.
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