Friday, April 8, 2011

Asian Models Faces were not seen largely in last century but it has changed late 9o's.It is seen from last a few years a generation of Asian Super Models showing up in Western Fashion Capitals . Model Agencies in New York, Paris, London, Milan were representing only one or two Asian girls, but recently their presence is becoming flagrantly obvious in this decade.
Asian models were always present in their domestic market but breaking through in to western market countries is a first for them.They used to only be featured as representative of their community in Gap and Benetton ad campaigns.
But Asian Models now are featured as super models in the Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue US editions, Vogue Paris and recently Vogue Portugal of November and December issues, featured Asian Models on its cover and many more world class campaigns.
It is seen a in a recent survey shows that the Asian generation of super models are American Devon Aoki represented by One Management in NY opened the way for Asian Super Models for better change in runways and ramps.You might also remember the fantastic Russian model Irina Pantaeva from ten years ago. She is another example of an Eurasian super model has rendered some of the most beautiful of physical features.
The Asian Super Models' rising new generation is coming from Japan, Korea,China and a few from India . The wave of Brazilian models and Russian models has gone and the Asian models will endure for a long time. This phenomena is not due to the whimsical decision’s made by a Fashion Designer or an Editor-in-Chief of an influential internationally recognized fashion magazine. It has more to do with the new chessboard of the world economy, sales and advertising revenues from Asian countries.The middle class has little knowledge of western luxury brands nor its codes of elegance, but is eager to discover them after the globalization has started.
The history of modeling says that ten years ago Moscow was the place to be where the big fortunes were and Vogue Russia was the most profitable magazine of all the editions of Vogue, due to good advertising revenue earnings for the magazine. Now China, Korea,India are the new members of western luxury users.The case of Japan is different as for years it was the only country in the region where luxury brands were installed self by them. However Japan is the places of great growth potential and human resource. In this gloomy market for luxury brands and classic press that need the advertising revenue, these new markets may hold the key to their sustained growth. More than ever as magazine sales are dropping and advertisers are cutting their budgets in western countries this strategic shift in course is a no brainier.
It is quite certain that the coming explanations that will be used by the luxury industry and the press for this geographical paradigm shift will have nothing to do with the economic conditions as it might be considered vulgar to justify their actions for economy reasons only. So look out for a sanitized version for their market shift.
The facial features of Asian Model are perfect for fashion designers and the cosmetics industry. Chinese models look like dolls with round small faces with generally long necks and aesthetically pleasing body proportions. Asian models silhouettes correspond perfectly with the sketches that designers render for their creations.
Asian Models Faces have increased in their visibility in western countries and modeling carrier because of the new shift of economic power towards China and India.India becomes the new rising market todays, there is a very good chance for more Indian models will be featured in western magazines.It is the economy that is imposing the ethnic diversity that is featured in the press and luxury ad campaigns. The Social and economic trends have always been closely tie and follow the money anyway.
It is needed to remember a few names and faces those are carrying the Asian Modeling flag in western world :- Sascha Pivovarova, Jessica Stam, Lara Stone,Hye Jin Han, Liu Wen, AI tominaga ,Ujjala Rawat, Stephanie Shiu, Shu Pei Quin,Du Juan, Emma Pei, Sonny Zhou,Lu Yan,Mackenzie Hamilton,Fei Fei Sun,Tao Okamoto,Monikankana Dutta,Madhu Sapre,Claudia Lynx and a few more.
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