Saturday, April 23, 2011

Asian Women are normally more effective and self defensive specially the Chinese,the Japanese and Thai-Filipino.This tradition is inspired them to enter fitness and body building field.Thus the woman enter the field and gradually become celebrity and started modeling as their part time income source with high demand.Asian Models Faces has tried to short listed those woman who are become professional models via their fitness work.We have selected top ten the most searched for female fitness competitors, female bodybuilders and female fitness models on this blog last year to this month.Like we said, some of these women are female fitness competitors, some are certified personal trainers, some are certified personal fitness trainers, some are actresses and there is even one classically trained pianist in the bunch.But they are all beautiful.So here are the 10 most searched for Asian fitness models here.Don't miss to comment if you have any query about the list.
1.Yumi lee:-Yumi Lee was born on 15th March 1976 in Seoul, South Korea.She says she was a tomboy during her youth and spent the first thirteen years of her life in Seoul before moving to the States.Yumi Lee was seen video programme from Reebok University as amaster traine.Her ads are shown in KTLA,good morning LA,Missy Elliot and many more.Yumi Lee was selected one sexiest Asian Model cum beauty trainer by FHM IN 2005.She is placed in number 1 in this list.rebekah kresila - womens fitness competition2. Rebekah Kresila:-Last August, amateur female bodybuilder, certified personal trainer and classical pianist, Rebekah Kresila from Cleveland, Ohio came in at number seven .Now she has topped the list at number two.
denise paglia - woman fitness competition3. Denise Paglia:-Former ESPN fitness beauty, Denise Paglia came in at number three in August, but now she's moved up to number three.
monique minton - female fitness competitions4. Monique Minton:- We think we may have featured fitness babe Monique Minton on here more than anyone else.Four entries and three appearances in the Top Ten lists.After months of being the number one searched for fitness woman here, she has finally dropped down to number four.
michiko nishiwaki - women's fitness photos5. Michiko Nishiwaki:-Former female bodybuilder, powerlifter, actress, certified fitness trainer, stunt woman, martial artist and fight choreographer (whew!) Michiko Nishiwaki comes in at number five.She has most loved in Thailand.
tanji johnson - women's fitness competition6. Tanji Johnson :-Former American Gladiator and IFBB fitness pro Tanji Johnson comes in at number six.She is now doing professional modeling in Hollywood.
karen pang - female fitness competitor7. Karen Pang :-Beautiful Canadian fitness competitor and female fitness model Karen Pang comes in at number seven.She has appeared more than 100 ads campings. 
jung dayeon - womens fitness8. Jung Dayeon:-Korean fitness model, certified personal fitness trainer and fitness expert Jung Da-yeon comes in at number eight.The Korean doll till date doing martial arts and ads campaigns Parrnelly as she is the life time member of Korean body builder association.   
maria kang - female fitness competitors9. Maria Kang :-She is rounding out the top nine is fitness model, personal trainer, spokesperson and mom, Maria Kang.She is till doing modeling but non professional .
10.Maggie Q:-PETA Asia-Pacific named Maggie Q its Person of the Year in 2008, the organization named Maggie Q one of the best-dressed celebrities of the year.She is placed in number 10.She is till doing modeling and fitness training [Source: profile ].


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