Sunday, May 15, 2011

Maya Kusano who is better known as Maya Sakura was born on 26th July 1998 in Obihiro, Hokkaido, Japan.She is the child of two successful restaurant owners in Obihiro,Japan.She began to learn to play the violin aged two and a half, and the piano aged three. She is also trained in ballet and solfège.Her increasing popularity and busy work schedule, she was transferred to a Tokyo school in 2009.Maya Sakura's height 4'7'', weight 43 kg and vital status 32 X 21 X 32 .
Maya Sakura was awarded the gold medal in the Nationwide Children's Singing Competition , after which she began to pursue a career in enka and thus her carrier has started in 2004.
Maya Sakura has made her Nippon Crown debut with the song Tairyō Matsuri, as the youngest enka singer in history on December 3, 2008. Three days later on December 6, she sang at the Asakusa public gardens.
Maya Sakura has received a Best New Artist award at the 51st Annual Japan Record Awards, becoming the youngest person to do so in 2009.
Maya Sakura has also appeared as a special guest on the 60th Kōhaku Uta Gassen in the "children's' Kōhaku" section of the program.
Maya Sakura has won Gold Award Family Division district qualifying events nationwide contest singing nursery rhymes Song and waterfall and Children singing the national finals competition in Japan (Yuupouto Gotanda) at the Grand Prix Award by the song baby mama.
Maya Sakura has come lime light by the songs such Sand Dune" and "Tokyotowairaito" Pass a two-stage test to sing ascending,guest appearance by international singing competition Horafuki , Tottori appeared in public art gatherings Obihiro ,Excellence Award Championships played in her singing festival songs King Records ,Song Festival daughter, four-stage pass Osaka test still singing ascending Special Jury Award for her participation in the festival song Shabadafesutibaru.
Maya Sakura has also appeared some world famous ads campaigns such ford ,Avon,FM etc.
Maya Sakura has appeared guest appearance singing female chorus concert Akane Spider,sing a nursery rhyme ,Fairgrounds concert appearance in song to sing nursery rhymes department store Fujimaru Obihiro Talk to the song appeared in the FM radio to sing nursery rhymes wing who graduated from nursery rhymes, songs begin to learn at the School of enka Ando.
Maya Sakura has King Recorded Championships song "Love Song Minatotyou" played in Excellence Award Championship Finals in a generation "Minatotyou Love Song" won the Karaoke Championships in Bibai "Love Song Minatotyou" Special Jury Prize at Karaoke All-Japan Grand Prix division series, "Love Song Minatotyou" singing "Tsugaru to flow" in the third-place finish.
Maya Sakura's song appeared in the 90th Anniversary Committee chef Shizyou Ryuu CD launch concert cameo appearance Takahashi Harue Tomakomai tournament finals all the way, "Love Song Minatotyou" runner-up in Hirosaki apples contest played runner Oiwake.
Maya Sakura is the youngest singer cum model from Asia who has got international recognization at very young age.She loves her family as with parents,sister,grand mother and others.


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