Wednesday, October 26, 2011

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Asian modeling history is not new but it was not so popular but now this days it has taking the driver seat around the globe.Indian fashion has come a long way. India has a rich and varied heritage and this is very strongly reflected in Indian fashion. The traces of Indian fashion can be found from the Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa civilizations. With the advent and influence of the Western world, the fashion in India has changed and revolutionized in more ways than one.
Gone are the days when Indian ‘kurtas’ and ‘Om shirts’ were seen only on the hippies of the 60s and 70s. The saris and kurtas and lehengas have slowly been made to share space with western apparel such as jeans, turn-ups and tops. But fashion in India has been helped by a major revolution that took place only recently. The Mall Culture. It all started with Shopper’s Stop in 1993.
The traditional cultural and western influences are providing the apt environment for the Indian fashion to go online and ready for sale worldwide. Mall culture in India helped Indian fashion outlets and designers claim a space and name for themselves. Numerous powerful brands and private labels have opened shop in India keeping in mind the growing importance of malls and the preference of the Indian crowd towards the malls instead of isolated shopping outlets. This has been a boon for Indian fashion designers as well as labels. The competition has helped enhance the quality of Indian fashion apparel. This has also made them preferred choices of garments among the Indian consumer lot. Some foreign fashion labels such as Pantaloons, Westside and Lifestyle that have opened smaller ‘Indian’ outlets under them in the nation.
Worldwide, designers are impressed with the detailed craftsmanship of Indians when it comes to embroidery, weaving of fabric or unique block print styles. From beading to sequin work, the richness of traditional fabrics, designs and colour with a modern techno feel gives it a whole new interpretation that is appreciated all over .Another plus point is social media like facebook,twitter ,FOCUSA2Z etc


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