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We are here going to discuss some of our natural view points based on valued cultures and traditions.Before brief description i have to say two ever green lines for fashion and beauty related personnel [guy or girls both].I was speaking to a professional photographer earlier in the week called Darren House (Asian Photo Shooter) and asked him a few questions on how to become a model and also tips for already established models. Here's the first two questions I asked him and what he had to say.
1. How should a model best prepare for a photo shoot?
Ensure they have different sets of clothing all of which they feel comfortable in.
When picking outfits for the shoot think about props that may enhance the effect you are trying to achieve, you can always leave them out if you change your mind later. However, if you are trying to build a portfolio, props and jewelry or similar can sometimes detract from the focus of the image. In portfolio photography you are trying to sell yourself not your lovely necklace.
Try to practice posing in front of a mirror prior to a shoot and remember things that sometimes look a bit over the top in a mirror don’t always come out that way in the still shot that a photographer is trying to achieve. Learn how your face feels with a perfect smile - no gums, eyes open but not squinting
If doing their own make up they need to understand that the lighting being used will naturally ‘wash’ them out so the photographer may request that you apply more then normal to combat this.
2. As an experienced model photographer what tips could you give to a first timer in front of the camera?
Let the photographer know if you are not sure what to do with yours hands or feet, they can change a ‘good’ photo into an ‘average’ photo.
Listen to the photographer and let them give you direction in your posing. Body parts can be obscured by the angle of a camera that you wouldn’t expect.
Remember not many people can stand in front of the camera and not feel self-conscious at the start of a shoot, but as much as possible try to relax so that this doesn’t show through in all of your picture.

Commercial Modelling is defined by the term 'commercial'. It refers to the type of assignment and covers the promotion of various products and services provided by companies. This can range from a number of different products including things like clothing, perfumes, cleaning products and all other commercial products. This type of modelling will appear in print and on television in newspapers, magazines, billboards, posters, TV adverts and more.Requirements may vary, but this type modelling can give you massive exposure way of modeling.

3. What things shouldn’t models do in front of camera during a photo shoot?
Look like they are posing! As much as possible a model needs to be able to relax with the photographer so that the photo’s in turn also look relaxed yet professional.
4. Any general tips or advice for models during a photo shoot?
Practice, Practice, Practice! It really is key to all images you get from your time in front of the camera. The way you smile, the way you pose and anything else you do while in front of the camera will all help you feel more relaxed and get the images you require.
Check your outfits a few days before the shoot, do they look as you expected they would, do you need a different pair of shoes. Choose your favourite outfits to take with you but take an extra one incase something doesn’t look perfect I front of the camera.
Don’t try anything new the night before, changing your hair colour at 8pm when you have a booking at 10am the next morning won’t give you time to resolve anything that goes wrong!
Don’t turn up from a night out on the town and come in after hardly any sleep you won’t look you’re best and that early night really would have paid off when you see the final images!
Te key to all photo shoots is being professional and this applies to the photographer and the model. Make sure you arrive on time, know the kind of images that you want even if this means taking some pictures that you like will help the photographer know what you want form the day.
It is hard to know whether you should take a friend along to the shoot or if you should go on your own. As a general rule I would suggest that you don’t take your girl/boy friend but do bring a friend that will understand that they may need to leave you to it. Alternatively ensure that people know where you going how long you will be and give them the photographer’sils.

5. Just for fun – have there been any funny or embarrassing stories during your photography career?Whilst doing a photo shoot for 3 women (topless calendars for there boyfriends) we were standing by a canal at 10am on a winters morning it was about -3, I turned around and there were several people looking out of their bedroom windows! Not embarrassing for me as it was their idea but they were a little embarrassed!
6. If someone was thinking about taking up modelling as a career what advise would you give?Be careful of what model agency you sign up with. Some will charge a high price to simply get listed on their books, some of which say you must a have portfolio done my their team of photographers which can be very expensive and the same as 100’s of other people.
Make sure you are committed; modelling is a very hard industry to get into. I have an area on my website offering advice to aspiring models because I feel there a far too many people who get ripped off every year. Don’t forget if you are worth having on an agencies books they will want you!!

You should see the look on her face whenever people start paying her attention. She needs that, she needs other people’s approval and attention in order to feel good about herself, in order for her to feel validated. That is the problem with those who don’t really know who they are, who don’t know their real value and who need others to tell them just that. They don’t know that they are great, that they are beautiful, worthy, smart, intelligent and with great potential.

They don’t know that, and that’s exactly why they need other people to tell them wonderful things to feel good about themselves, that’s exactly why they need only expensive clothes, expensive cars, expensive everything to raise they value. Don’t get me wrong, I have expensive things also, but not because they make me feel more of a person but because I appreciate beauty. I don’t buy things based on their price but rather on their beauty, and I don’t go around telling everybody how much I have paid for this or that. Yes, there are people who give you this information without you even asking. That’s what I call a cry for help.

Try to watch those around you, observe them, observe their random acts of kindness and the way they talk with and about others, observe those people who are gossiping all the time, blaming and condemning, judging everybody around them and tell me if you don’t see the difference.

Another thing you can do is to try noticing those people who, even though they aren’t really that “beautiful”, they have something that makes you like them. They have something that makes you want to be around them and spend as much time with them as possible. I call this inner beauty, and I see these people as having a pure and clean heart, while on the other hand, there are those people who, even though they have really beautiful features, beautiful skin, hair, eyes, etc. , because of the hate that they have toward others, because of their jealousy, their envy and because of their constant need to compare themselves with others, their beauty is fading, their beauty is being transformed into something not really pleasant to the eye. Who wants to be around people like that? Who wants to be around people who lack self-esteem, who complain a lot, who judge and criticize all the time?
These people suck the energy out of you and they aren’t a great company for anyone. People want to be around beautiful, loving, caring, joyful and positive people, not around hateful and resentful people, and you will see how, the moment you change the inside, the moment you make it beautiful, the outside will also become beautiful.Of course not to forget that if you possess both external and internal beauty, feel blessed .Just try your own mind concentration.


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