Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We are here going to discuss some of our natural view points based on valued cultures and traditions.Before brief description i have to say two ever green lines for fashion and beauty related personnel [guy or girls both].
“Beauty. We all are it. Its just that my beauty, your beauty, his beauty, her beauty, they’re all different.”Again
"Beauty is not in the face, but rather a light in the heart that shines through and until you yourself don’t believe that to be true, others will not be able to notice something in you that you don’t even know it exists, something you don’t even know you have." Author:Asian Models Faces. 
Something you don’t even know you are. Beauty for me comes from within, and those people who possess that are capable of radiating their inner beauty outward. These people vibrate at a different frequency and if you pay closer attention to what happens around you, you will notice it also. If you make the inside beautiful, the outside will be beautiful, but if you harbor pain, hate, anger inside you, don’t expect the outside not to be affected by that. I do believe in inner beauty.
I have personally seen people who went from beauty to ugliness because they became so hateful, so bitter, jealous and resentful toward those around them. I call it the loss of innocence. These people change their pure and innocent mind and heart,with a polluted mind and a cold heart.
For example, there is this person whom I met a few years ago. She had a sweet face, nice hair, and a beautiful smile, and now, today, I can tell you that she looks like a totally different person. We don’t interact that much now, I would say once a week, and every time I see her, I am amazed of how much she has changed. She is constantly looking for ways to blame others, she is always so loud and mean with those around her, and she loves to criticize. A lot! I always say that the way you look on the outside says a lot about your insides, and in her case I would have to say that, because of her constant need to put others down, because of her need to compare herself with others, because of her lack of self-confidence and self-esteem, her outer beauty is fading.
You should see the look on her face whenever people start paying her attention. She needs that, she needs other people’s approval and attention in order to feel good about herself, in order for her to feel validated. That is the problem with those who don’t really know who they are, who don’t know their real value and who need others to tell them just that. They don’t know that they are great, that they are beautiful, worthy, smart, intelligent and with great potential.
They don’t know that, and that’s exactly why they need other people to tell them wonderful things to feel good about themselves, that’s exactly why they need only expensive clothes, expensive cars, expensive everything to raise they value. Don’t get me wrong, I have expensive things also, but not because they make me feel more of a person but because I appreciate beauty. I don’t buy things based on their price but rather on their beauty, and I don’t go around telling everybody how much I have paid for this or that. Yes, there are people who give you this information without you even asking. That’s what I call a cry for help.
Try to watch those around you, observe them, observe their random acts of kindness and the way they talk with and about others, observe those people who are gossiping all the time, blaming and condemning, judging everybody around them and tell me if you don’t see the difference.
Another thing you can do is to try noticing those people who, even though they aren’t really that “beautiful”, they have something that makes you like them. They have something that makes you want to be around them and spend as much time with them as possible. I call this inner beauty, and I see these people as having a pure and clean heart, while on the other hand, there are those people who, even though they have really beautiful features, beautiful skin, hair, eyes, etc. , because of the hate that they have toward others, because of their jealousy, their envy and because of their constant need to compare themselves with others, their beauty is fading, their beauty is being transformed into something not really pleasant to the eye. Who wants to be around people like that? Who wants to be around people who lack self-esteem, who complain a lot, who judge and criticize all the time?
These people suck the energy out of you and they aren’t a great company for anyone. People want to be around beautiful, loving, caring, joyful and positive people, not around hateful and resentful people, and you will see how, the moment you change the inside, the moment you make it beautiful, the outside will also become beautiful.Of course not to forget that if you possess both external and internal beauty, feel blessed .Just try your own mind concentration.

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