Monday, June 4, 2012

Last month when I was asked my Professional Blogger husband to prepare top ten woman bloggers list then he urged me to collect data about the top lady bloggers in the world.I was collecting the data about top bloggers then I noticed that some of Asian Models Faces those become a high quality bloggers with huge numbers of visitors and readers world wide so I  decided to write a blog post about Most Popular Top Ten Asian Models Faces Woman Bloggers In The Virtual World.
1.Xin Zhang:-

Asian Models Faces Blogger NO.1.The Gaming First Beauty Xin Zhang who has total searches:5,730,000,hits blog:25,675,111.
2.Shu Yao Yao Guo:-

Asian Models Faces Blogger NO.2. Shu Yao Yao Guo who has total searches:5,540,000 and total Hits:24,475,203
3.Diao Chan:-

Asian Models Faces Blogger NO.3.Diao Chan who has total searches:2,710,000
and hits blog:8,697,587
4.Juliet Lin Ke Tong:-

Asian Models Faces Blogger NO.4.Juliet Lin Ke Tong who has total searches: 889,000 and hits blog:29,661,125
5.Elly Tran:-

Asian Models Faces Blogger NO.5.Elly Tran who has total searches: 454,000 and total hits:19,342,123
6.Liu Yu Qi:-

Asian Models Faces Blogger NO.6.Liu Yu Qi who has total searches:452,000 and hits Blog:6,521,818
7.Ding Beili:-

Asian Models Faces Blogger NO.7.Ding Beili who has total searches: 297,000 and hits blog : 5,295,834
8.Sun Ting:-

Asian Models Faces Blogger NO.8.Sun Ting who has total searche : 179,000 and total number of hits:8,546,344
9.Kon Yan Song Sisters:-

Asian Models Faces Blogger No.9.Kon Yan Song Sisters who have total searche:171,000 and hits blog: 3,708,220
10.Deng Fine:-

Asian Models Faces Blogger NO.10.Deng Fine who has total searches: 46,800 and hits Blog : 338,130

You may not be agree with my list but they really beauties with brain.They have created a lots of useful and informative contents for which they getting atones of visitors and readers world wide.If you any list then don't miss to share with us.


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