Sunday, March 10, 2013

Vidhi Gandhi Expresses Joy Of Being A Woman . She is one of the promising model and actress who express her joy with Asian Models Faces Admin team . Listen her with own words .
 "My name is Vidhi Gandhi and I am proud to be a WOMAN. I do fashion ruthlessly and treat it as my birth right, I love eating cheese sandwich and chocolate milkshake at 3 in the morning and not care about my figure, I love wearing a blood red lipstick while shopping on the streets and that's a crazy part of me, I love when my friends compliment me and I am not ashamed to ask for more... There are days when I want to wear hot shorts and chappals for a formal meeting and I know someday I will, there are days when I want to shout and cry for no reason and yes, I do not hold myself back, there are days, infact many days when I get eve teasers arrested and try to make life easy for women, there are days when I want to dress in a ball gown and go shopping to the mall alone, maybe someday I will even do that.I can dance in the mirror, I can walk on the streets alone at 4 am and not fear to get raped, I can work through the night and still look beautiful the other morning, I love cuddling my man and could hold him for eternity and above all, I know who I am and proud of what I am. I am strong, sensitive, possess equal qualities of a man and a woman and always fighting and pushing myself to make my life more meaningful and worth living. I wish all the lovely women a VERY WORTHY WOMEN'S DAY and just hope to continue making our lives even more beautiful."

Jeans: Raghuleela Mall Kandivali, Nude Formal Vest: Bangkok, Blazer:, Suede and Gold Bracelet:, Spike Necklace: Globus, Belt: Fashion Street, Oxfords: Catwalk (sale)

Photographs credit goes to Rahul Jaju one of the disciple of Dabbu Ratnani 


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